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Telesphere's Hosted and Business VoIP Services Help Businesses Survive through Sandy

November 19, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

While most businesses in the East Coast were affected by the deadly Hurricane Sandy, some of them managed to run their operation without any disruption to communications infrastructure, thanks to business VoIP and hosted unified cloud communications services offered by companies like Telesphere.

The VoIP-based communications services helped business stay connected even in the face of crippling devastation to their physical locations. 

Business VoIP services, such as hosted unified cloud voice services, have enabled customers to remain accessible and keep their information intact through off-site redundancies and a host of customized solutions that are built into Telesphere's private nation-wide network.

Telesphere's Hosted VoIP solution for enterprises comes with built-in intelligence to determine when a business' on-site phones stop functioning and automatically re-routes calls to alternative numbers provided by the customer. 

The company’s services are supported by two National Operations Centers, in Arizona and Colorado, which monitor communications 24/7 in real time and avert the impact of disasters by switching calls to phones off-site. 

Telesphere gives a case study of a transportation company, which operates in 48 states, Canada and Mexico and has 20 offices nationwide. The carrier's New Jersey office was completely washed away by the storm.  However, voice services remained functioning, as Telesphere was still receiving their calls into the Telesphere cloud.  

Thanks to Telesphere's disaster recovery and business continuity architecture, the calls were instantly re-routed to alternative numbers and locations that were not affected by the hurricane. As a result, the carrier could maintain seamless operations.

In another such example, an ad agency in lower Manhattan that suffered severe power outage due to Sandy, was able to maintain its business communications as usual. Telesphere controls more than 1,000 of their phone extensions in the Telesphere cloud, allowing their communication services to remain up and running while calls were re-routed to offices that were not affected by the storm. Telesphere technicians also helped the agency deploy a customized greeting that announced the power outage status on an automated attendant. 

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Edited by Brooke Neuman



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