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Business VoIP Provider Eyeball Networks Unveils New Mobile VoIP and Video Telephony Solution

May 29, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based technology has been making carrier networks much more complex for several years now. While the technology offers a number of benefits to businesses, it also comes with some associated challenges – lower voice quality and unreliable connectivity – especially for business VoIP users.

To help carriers and business VoIP providers overcome these obstacles, Eyeball Networks, a provider of mobile VoIP and NAT-traversal software, recently introduced its true carrier-grade VoIP and video telephony software.

The technology promises two guarantees to help customers mitigate the risks associated with implementing VoIP in businesses. 

"Firewall and NAT traversal issues, and poor call quality have been critical barriers to the mass adoption of VoIP" said Matt Sims, vice president of Eyeball Networks, in a statement. "Tier 1 network service providers cannot offer sub-standard services to their subscribers - the risk of losing customers to a poor experience is too great".

Eyeball Networks provides infrastructure software and developer tools for enabling service providers, application developers, and device makers to deliver carrier-grade VoIP, VVoIP, and instant messaging services.

In addition to carrier-grade business VoIP solutions, the company powers a new suite of products available to cable network service providers that builds out next generation services such as VoIP and instant messaging. These solutions leverage the company’s AnyFirewall Technology, AnyBandwidth Technology and AntiSPIT Technology.

In another recent development in the business VoIP industry, virtual-pbx reported that Nextiva has unveiled a next-generation communications platform called NextOS, which will enable employees to conduct their crucial business operations from anywhere in the world.

NextOS technology platform comes with enhanced calling features, as well as hosted call center services that will make customers more productive and profitable. The platform supports the expanding needs of its customers, as well as many prospects that are waiting for this Fortune 500-level service at prices they can afford. 

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