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Business VoIP Provider Xtelesis Delivers Best Communications Solutions to Small Businesses

May 21, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

Xtelesis, a provider of small business VoIP solutions including voice, mobility, data and VoIP systems, announced significant industry partnerships to help small businesses build robust communications infrastructure at affordable costs.

The company has partnered with leading communications providers like Vidyo, LifeSize and ShoreTel.

The small business VoIP provider offers a wide range of services including voice communications, HD video conferencing, data networking and of late, the Enterprise Mobility program. They help companies build, work and combine their network, and allow them to integrate their communications networks at almost half the cost.

Xtelesis’ communications solutions are based on Internet Protocol, so they offer a more affordable means of communications to small businesses. The company helps in the implementation and setup of PBX hosted VoIP management systems, and SIP voice lines.

The company’s video communications services replace and reduce the low-quality video systems of the past and integrate high definition and realistic quality video conferencing. Companies like Vidyo and LifeSize provide videoconferencing systems for lease.

As a provider of business VoIP solutions including unified communications for businesses of all sizes, Xtelesis helps companies build, work and combine their network.

With its voice communication services and solutions, companies can integrate their networks with ease and flexibility and at half the cost. The firm's voice solutions are based on internet protocol and provide better quality than traditional phone systems. Xtelesis specializes in the implementation and set up of PBX hardware, hosted VoIP management systems, and SIP voice lines.

The business VoIP provider also offers the best video communication services which replace and reduce the low quality video systems of the past and integrate high definition and realistic quality video conferencing. Providers like Vidyo and LifeSize have exclusive partnerships with Xtelesis to provide their video conferencing systems for lease or to own. Users can collaborate with satellite offices and work remotely using the latest in video recording, streaming and publishing.

The Mobility 360 Program is the latest mobility solution that targets the new demographic of business members – the mobile employee. It is provided by partners like AeroHive and Shoretel and allows users to take their offices with them.  

In another related development, Nextiva, a cloud-based business VoIP provider, announced the launch of a next-generation communications platform called NextOS, which will let employees conduct their crucial business operations from anywhere in the world.

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