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Business VoIP Offers Lower Price, Greater Functionality and Better Performance

September 19, 2011

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a much more efficient way to make and receive phone calls, as it relies on the data connection a company already has in place. Business VoIP solutions offer a more cost effective approach to communications and are rapidly becoming the communication platform of choice among small businesses. 

A recent Nextiva white paper explored the main considerations for companies looking to transition to a business VoIP system. Perhaps the most powerful consideration is that of projected cost savings. Traditional land line phone services come at a high cost and while business VoIP is a superior technology, it still offers an extremely lowered cost by comparison. 

The primary difference between the costs of the two systems is in the long distance charges. Business VoIP completes all calls through the same connection, eliminating the need for higher charges associated with long distance connections. Business VoIP is also void of any charges for the time or place of the originated call received with a VoIP system. Most firms report a minimum of 35 percent reduction in cost, with some reporting as high as 80 percent. 

Switching to business VoIP also eliminates the need to purchase any special equipment or telephones. Any business with a computer can use VoIP as long as the computer has a sound card, modem, speakers and microphone, high speed Internet connection and the ability to download the necessary software. As no special equipment is required, there is no need to spend money on updates or service relocations. The business VoIP vendor automatically updates the software, pushing it out to the customer base on a regular basis. 

Business VoIP also offers flexibility. Any business owner implementing VoIP can use the same phone that was previously connected to the land line in the same way. The business can also keep the same phone number, avoiding any potential disruptions in service for any part of the business or its employees. 

The services allotted with business VoIP can match that of the standard phone service, at a much lower cost. Business VoIP services can include voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, caller ID block, unlimited local and long distance dialing, choice of area code, email voicemail alerts, 3-way calling, call forwarding, online call logs and online account management. 

Business VoIP can also be managed with a virtual PBX VoIP service. This alternative includes more advanced features and is designed for the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. This approach to business VoIP is ideal for any company requiring more advanced solutions on a tight budget. 

Businesses seeking a more flexible and cost-effective approach to communications can easily leverage business VoIP. Many companies also enjoy greater call quality for an enhanced experience that easily translates to better business performance and customer service – keystones to success.
Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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