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BPA Quality Emphasizes Pro-sourcing Benefits

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
February 23, 2018

Quality monitoring involves much more than listening to and rating agent-customer calls, and coaching based on that.

To improve the quality of your contact center efforts, including customer service levels and outreach campaigns, you need to design a program with clear objectives. And then you need to explain those goals to your agents in a clear and concise way. Make sure contact center managers and supervisors understand program goals and agent imperatives related to them.

Also, be sure to provide your agents with a strongly supported and easy-to-understand feedback mechanism. And in providing feedback, make sure you’re as consistent, fair, and objective as possible.

“A potent quality program that provides objective and customer-concentric evaluations can make the difference in agents’ ability to understand the optimum way to provide first-class customer service,” BPA Quality explains.

The company adds that are three main platforms of quality: Internal Quality Team, Outsourced Quality Team, and Pro-sourced Quality Team.

Internal teams provide businesses with total control of a program. The challenge here, however, is that team members are often pulled in to answer calls during high volume times. So that can lower the effectiveness and efficiency of these efforts. The fact that quality analysts know the agents can also make for less than objective results.

Outsourcing can be an effective way to complete quality monitoring audits. However, offshoring this kind of work isn’t always ideal, as cultural issues can get in the way. “Customers from the USA are quite a contrast from those in India, South America, the Philippines,” notes BPA Quality. “The cultural difference can be one word o tone away from losing a customer.”

Pro-sourcing Quality puts experts in control of your quality monitoring program, the company emphasizes. They have the skillsets to listen to and analyze calls. In doing so, they can uncover business intelligence to help companies reach their goals. And because more outsourcers of this kind are located where customers live, cultural and language differences don’t become a problem.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz