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New Partnership Asks Analytics to Hear Voice of the Customer

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor
December 14, 2017

How does an organization ensure the contact center is delivering the level of service expected? The short answer is contact center quality monitoring. Organizations of all shapes and sizes seek to deliver the best in customer service, but the only way to know what they want is listening. Hear the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and usher in an era of happy, loyal customers.

CallMiner (News - Alert) announced a new partnership with IP Integration Limited (IPI) this week, which will see CallMiner technology embedded within IPI’s customer engagement and contact center solutions, with an important piece being the addition of CallMiner Eureka Engagement Analytics platform.

Valur Svansson, Principal Consultant, IPI, noted:  “The CallMiner partnership will enable us to deliver enhanced insight to drive successful customer engagement and springboard our clients to the next level of VoC and voice of the contact center (VoCC) programs. Whether through our MAS (Managed Analytics Solution) or direct platform deployment, our clients will have access to the intelligence they need to improve services and coach and develop their agents.”

The CallMiner Eureka Engagement Analytics platform captures and analyzes each and every customer interaction. IPI customers can improve VoC programs and customer engagement with an ‘out of the box’ contact center solution. In building a relationship with CallMiner, IPI is future-proofing its managed analytics services and supporting those customers deploying automation and AI.

“Businesses will increasingly recognize that they will need contact centers to manage their ever-growing interactions with customers across different channels,” explained Joe Prentis, CEO, IPI. “To do this efficiently, they will need the right insight and expertise, to understand better their customer’s needs and how to respond to them. We are now able to deliver that with CallMiner.”

Analytics are an easy answer to solving the customer service equation. Data-driven decision making is taking the guesswork out of business, and by listening to the voice of the customer companies gain the insight required to over deliver.

Do you have speech analytics in your contact center?

Edited by Erik Linask