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Remote Call Monitoring Integral to Call Center QA

By Laura Stotler, TMCnet Contributing Editor
June 02, 2017

Quality assurance (QA) is king in the call center. Quality of service is the number one customer complaint when it comes to call center performance, and it is also the best competitive differentiator for any call center. Understanding the importance of QA and how it can be better managed and implemented in the call center is critical to consistently successful performance and the most positive customer interactions.

The process of QA is designed to prevent mistakes, improve quality standards and customer satisfaction and meet industry compliance mandates. It also helps managers better monitor, train and coach their agents. And one of the best ways to implement QA is through a quality, third-party remote call monitoring solution or service. Systematic monitoring of calls by an objective third party is one of the best ways to evaluate overall performance and customer satisfaction. Call data may then be mined and analyzed to pinpoint problem areas that need to be addressed.

A remote call monitoring solution will offer features like silent remote listening as well as live whisper. These capabilities enable managers to listen in on calls in real time and whisper instant feedback to agents who may be struggling. Managers can also listen in on successful calls to determine which variables went into achieving a positive outcome. A good offering will also store recordings and ensure they are available for later analysis and review, which can be beneficial during training, coaching and QA meetings.

A third-party monitoring solution can also be invaluable for meeting legal and compliance mandates, particularly in industries like healthcare and finance. Remote monitoring companies are tasked with keeping up with compliance requirements and ensuring their customers are recording the right parts of calls and storing data securely.

QA should be an integral part of any call center operation, and a third-party remote monitoring solution is just as integral to the QA process. By ensuring calls are monitored in real time, stored securely and available for later reference and analysis, call centers can ensure their QA practices and processes are up to snuff and they are achieving maximum productivity and customer satisfaction.

Edited by Alicia Young


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