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Quality Assurance is Primary Objective of Call Monitoring

By Laura Stotler, TMCnet Contributing Editor
May 25, 2017

Call monitoring is a massive asset when it comes to evaluating agent performance and productivity and can also offer insight into problem areas where training and coaching might be beneficial. But at the end of the day, call monitoring is about quality assurance and setting up a system of checks and balances to ensure agents and managers are providing the highest levels of service and that customers enjoy the best interaction and experience possible.

Third-party remote call monitoring offers a host of advantages to the contact center, applying known processes and metrics from an objective, outside source. BPA is a company providing managed quality assurance services for global contact centers, all designed to help companies achieve tangible business results. The company offers a live reporting website that delivers recording, feedback and analysis directly to the contact center in near real time.

Quality assurance and monitoring is a giant process involving a great number of parameters that need to be evaluated. A comprehensive offering will be designed to maximize the value of each and every interaction, across all communication channels, and will be geared toward improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. Other goals include improving agent engagement and productivity and providing customer insight about the overall interaction experience.

When contracting with a remote call monitoring provider, it’s important to have well defined metrics in place, designed to help improve agent performance and boost overall call quality. Managers would do well to get their agents involved when creating a call monitoring checklist, since those on the front lines often know best what their customers are looking for in a quality interaction. This also boosts morale and agent autonomy, leading to higher productivity and engagement levels and lower turnover rates.

A third-party remote call monitoring company can provide real business value by zoning in on core objectives and goals when creating and applying quality assurance controls. And a good provider will work with its customers and agents to ensure they are involved throughout the entire process, from defining quality goals and checklists to ensuring standards are being met and the appropriate coaching and training is taking place. By working closely with customers and agents, a remote call monitoring provider can ensure the highest levels of quality are being provided thoroughly and consistently.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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