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Is Your Customer Experience Part of the Winning Team?

By Joe Rizzo, TMCnet Contributing Writer
June 12, 2015

Something that is true in almost every aspect of our lives, but really seems to be realized when we think and talk about sports, is the fact that we are all part of a team. This can be said about family, work, friends and yes, of course actual sports teams. A winning combination does not rely on only one player; it has to be looked at as a team experience.

A recent blog posting by the BPA Quality UK Research Center equated a successful customer experience with being in the World Cup. I am the captain of several pool teams and in some respects what the blog mentions is completely true. If some of my last players lose their matches then the entire team loses.

During the Stanley Cup playoffs, Henrik Lundqvist stopped more goals in one game than most goalies stop in a season. While this kept the other team from scoring, if the Rangers did not score, all of Lundqvist’s work was for naught. A business functions in much the same manner; if one department, such as the sales department makes the perfect pitch, but the customer service department drops the ball, then all that work was for nothing.

While there are many different positions in both sports and business, a successful team is one that understands all aspects of the game. This is especially true with respect to customer service. The last thing that anyone wants to hear is “I’ll get right back to you!” Not only is that dropping the ball, but most likely will result in a penalty. As the blog states, “If you know the game and the role you play within the team, then it will be effortless to win.”

One thing that makes me a good captain is the fact that I watch how the other team plays and I also know how my own players react to certain situations. The call center agents need to know that they are being backed up and the leader needs to know when to pass a call over to someone who is more capable of providing the customer with the right experience.

If you do everything that you can for the customer and they realize that you are working hard on their behalf, not only will you be providing a good customer experience, they will be more likely to return and recommend your company to others.

As with any team experience, the entire team needs to work together whether it is setting up the shot, doing the job of the sales department, following through, or providing defense, such as the call center attempts to do when they have to deal with customers. A unified team provides the type of service that guarantees a good customer experience.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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