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Broadcast Your Quality: Accreditation and Third-Party Monitoring Benefit BPO Providers

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor
February 12, 2014

For companies running their own internal contact centers, the necessity of seeking third-party accreditation or quality monitoring may not seem terribly important. For companies hoping to sell their services in customer support or help desk functionality, it’s a different story.

Many organizations choose to pursue accreditation such as the international standard ISO 9000 in order to attract more business and let prospective clients know that their standards of quality are high and their operations are state of the art. This is particularly critical for contact centers hoping to attract business from abroad, such as Bulgarian business process outsourcing company 60K, which recounted its choice to pursue the ISO 9000 process, which can be both time-consuming and expensive.

“At 60K we weighed up the arguments for and against the investment, and eventually decided to go for it,” said Yasser Ramirez, Head of Finance for 60K, in a recent statement. “Ultimately, although we have been measuring the quality of our work against external benchmarks right from the formation of our business in 2008, we felt it was crucial to have qualified, globally-recognized, third parties to attest that our services comply with the quality standards of worldwide organizations.”

The standard is used to certify quality management systems that focus on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, active involvement of top management and employees, and the adoption of a process approach: all critical processes for companies hoping to prove they run a quality shop.

Next stop for the company, said Ramirez, is the attainment of working towards obtaining PCI (News - Alert) Compliance, important for any contact center that will be handling sensitive financial information, and the more robust ISO 27001.

For companies that may not be ready for international standards, what other ways are there to prove the quality of service offered? One choice could be third-party remote call monitoring, which involves engaging an independent call quality monitoring service such as BPA Quality.  These organizations will sample recorded or live calls and measure the customer interactions against pre-determined standards (either yours or theirs). Their observations are produced as actionable scoring and feedback to managers, agents and supervisors, allowing the companies to effectively gauge the performance of the agents on the front line of the call center.

Not only do these services provide companies with snapshots of current quality and how it can be improved, it allows companies that offer outsourced services to prove the quality of their work to prospective clients. Rapid boosts in customer satisfaction, the result of improvements made from certification and outside call monitoring, are a significant way to gain an edge over competition. 

Edited by Blaise McNamee