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BPA Provides an In-depth Look into its Training the Trainer Programs

By Ashley Caputo, TMCnet Web Editor
April 25, 2013

Aside from utilizing the call monitoring solutions that BPA, a provider of call center solutions, continues to advocate, it is also very important to provide the proper training for both agents and their trainers alike.

While most call center training programs focus on training the agents, BPA has found that it is even more important to train the technical staff who will be working with the agents.  

 “Any training program may contain a combination of such elements as input from the trainers and role play type exercises,” said David Blackwell, president and co-founder of BPA Quality. “Research shows that at the conclusion the motivation is fairly high and often to a lesser extent the Agents ability to use learned behavior. The same research however shows that there is often a raid decline is a rapid decline in the use of skills over a relatively short period of time. Along with this any ROI declines at the same rate.”

The top reasons that call centers need training programs are:

  • Agents do not see the material /skills as relevant
  • OK in theory but doesn’t work in the real world
  • Skills are too difficult to apply
  • No or little follow up building on existing skill/knowledge

According to Blackwell the BPA approach to training is so unique that during the workshop agents are not presented with a theoretical set of skills. Rather, agents use their knowledge and experience to build a set of criteria that will be used as a base for measuring and developing their skills on an ongoing basis.

Since the agents develop their own criteria, there is greater understanding of what is being measured than if they were being simply presented with the information. As a result, there is a higher degree of agent buy in to the program. Part of the workshop also asks agents to create a specification on how they can best be trained in order to improve their performance – “In other words how they will be coached,” said Blackwell. “The Agent workshop becomes the first stage in a continuous development process.”

“Training and coaching is vital in any call center,” said Karyn Dupree, business development & social media director at BPA. “The Coach the Trainer class is ideal for new supervisors and managers.  What happens is that great agents are promoted without any type of training done to ensure that they are great managers too.”

In the same way supervisors create a set of criteria for coaching their agents; these sets of criteria are then used to measure their performance in coaching sessions.  For more information on how BPA’s training programs, click here.


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