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The Call Center And Teleservices Event
Of The Year Celebrates The Last Quarter Century

 By Tracey E. Schelmetic
 Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions


Most industries have their big event nights...their “Academy Awards” for industry luminaries. On May 4th, TMC and Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine had the pleasure of hosting a black-tie, red-carpet awards event that paid tribute to a group of the brightest and best known legends of the call center and teleservices industries in addition to celebrating 25 years of call center industry leadership by Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine. The event was attended by over 100 past and present CEOs and top-level management of the most ground-breaking companies in the call center and teleservices industries.

The night began at a cocktail event in the Fountain Room on the sixteenth floor of the Marriott East Side Hotel. Guests arrived, met and mingled with a lovely early evening view over the New York City cityscape. Later, at the banquet event, the first award of the evening was presented to Nadji Tehrani, TMC’s founder and CEO, by Steve Brubaker, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs for InfoCision Management Corp. for recognition of Nadji Tehrani’s 25 years of contribution to the industry. The award, an impressive bronze relief of Nadji, bore several of Nadji’s most-quoted sayings, including “Every Company Is A Call Center,” and “Quality And Marketing Are Not Part Time Jobs!”

Said Steve to Nadji upon presenting the plaque, “I would like to take a moment to recognize Mr. Tehrani. It takes someone with a vision, someone who determines that there is an opportunity and goes out and gets it. Someone who gets things done. And that’s what you’ve done. We’re so proud to be here with you. We’re proud to have this great group of people back together 25 years later to celebrate your achievements. Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary Mr. Tehrani.” The first set of industry awards was given to those telesevices companies ranked in both Customer Inter@ction Solutions’ 21st Annual “Top 50 Teleservices” list for 2006, and this year’s MVP (Marketing Via Phone) Quality Awards, which recognize high standards and superior quality in outsourced call center operations.

The second set of awards were presented by both Rich Tehrani, TMC’s President, and Nadji Tehrani: Lifetime Achievement Awards to those individuals and companies who literally founded the call center technology and services industry. Having heard the introductions and read the program biographies of the night’s award recipients, many who have served the industry for decades, one individual who stated he had been in the industry for 21 years commented to the audience, “Considering this group, I guess 21 years makes me a rookie.”

Said Nadji Tehrani of the event, “The list of Lifetime Achievement Award winners reads like the Hall of Fame roster for the contact center industry. Among them, this group of people has created literally millions of jobs and generated hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue,” added Tehrani. He stressed that without the valuable contributions of these industry luminaries, the call center and teleservices industries would literally not exist.

“I am so proud of what we have accomplished as an industry, growing from nothing into one of the most important parts of global business today. Every company, no matter what its size, needs an effective call center to be successful.”

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