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Clearview Social Introduces Artificial Intelligence Technology to Elevate Professional Firms' Social Media Marketing Initiatives
[May 23, 2023]

Clearview Social Introduces Artificial Intelligence Technology to Elevate Professional Firms' Social Media Marketing Initiatives

Clearview Social, a social media marketing platform for professional firms, today announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) integration called "Social Shuffle," powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. The new feature automatically generates variations of a company's social media posts to eliminate redundancy on LinkedIn and other channels.

With Clearview's Social Shuffle, marketers can harness the power of ChatGPT to create unique content without needing a separate ChatGPT license or jumping between applications. The new tool enables marketing, communications, and social media teams to quickly and easily devise variations of company social posts, giving employees a variety of content to share.

"At Clearview, we know that sometimes social media feeds can be filled with repetitive posts, but marketers just don't have the time or resources to create multiple versions of the content that needs to be shared," said Colin Walsh, general manager of Clearview Social. "AI can scan the headline and caption of a post to auto-generate similar yet unique posts that bring an effortless, creative flair to marketing efforts."

Social Shuffle keeps social media content fresh and engaging while saving time and effort for marketing staff. And users have complete control over the process by vetting and approving the AI-generated content before it goes to empoyees for sharing. The feature also can be easily turned on and off depending on the need.

Clearview Social will continue to add capabilities as the technology matures and user feedback informs new uses for the language models. Future AI developments will help marketing teams with all aspects of the social media used to boost revenue and awareness through their company's employee advocacy program.

Walsh added: "AI is helping legal, accounting, recruiting and other professionals to leverage new technologies in helpful ways, with tangible and exciting results."

Additionally, Social Shuffle integrates directly into existing approval workflows and compliance checks. The tool offers business-grade data privacy and encryption beyond the consumer version of ChatGPT.

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About Clearview Social
Founded in 2013 by attorney Adrian Dayton, Clearview Social is a social media marketing platform created to help companies increase revenue through more effective and systematic use of social media. The intuitive tool helps teams share company content on their personal social channels through easy prompts, email reminders, and one-click activation. With Clearview Social, employees can share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without leaving their inbox, helping companies bring in more business and increase exposure. For more information, visit

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