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Boway Showcases New Line-up of Copper Alloy Strip at Electronica 2022 in Germany
[November 24, 2022]

Boway Showcases New Line-up of Copper Alloy Strip at Electronica 2022 in Germany

MUNICH, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Boway has brought competitive copper alloy strips for connecters to Electronica 2022, the world's leading trade fair and conference for the electronics industry, where the company introduced how its new generation of high-performance solutions push the limits of their applications in consumer electronics and electric vehicles (EV) and raise the bar on their ability to boost end-product quality and performance.

Boway is an innovator in non-ferrous metals with nearly three decades of expertise in developing high-tech materials. In 2021, the company established a foothold in Germany, bolstering the company's capacity to design and produce high-performance copper alloys, enabling it to provide more high-quality and state-of-the-art copper-based rolled products for its global partners.

During the four-day event that concluded on November 18, Stephan Gross, CEO of Boway Deutschland GmbH, along with the company's Technical Marketing team, engaged with clients and visitors, offering his insights on the advantages of boway 19920, boway 19400, and boway 42300 and boway 18160, as well as their applications in the consumer electronics and EVs.

  • boway 19920 is a green and beryllium-free solution that boasts high thermal stress relaxation resistance while maintaining the exceptional strength and elasticity of high beryllium alloy, making it an ideal material for EMI shielding springs and VCM motor springs. boway 19920 has been widely used in grounding spring in mobile phones, eliminating the risks posed by the static electricity of mobile phones.
  • boway 70318 is a copper alloy solution self-developed by Boway in response to the technological trends driven by miniaturization, maximizing current density and demands for higher reliability. With its ultra-high strength and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, boway 70318 can maintain excellent thermal stress relaxation resistance. Thanks to its high performance in applications with high yield (=750MPa) and medium conductivity (=40% IACS) requirements, it is a perfect material for BTB connectors, USB Type-C, CPU sockets, and relay springs.
  • boway 42300 is a precipitation-hardening Cu-Sn-Ni-Si alloy with medium electrical conductivity (=30% IACS), excellent corrosion resistance and temperature softening resistance. Its strength is similar to C51900, and its conductivity is twice as high as that of C51900. boway 42300 meets the performance requirement of connectors for electronic and electrical systems, such as relay springs, DDR slots, plugs, etc.
  • boway 18160 is a CuCrZr alloy with its overall performance boosted by cold forming and by precipitation of CuCrZr-phases during heat treatment. It has thermal stress relaxation, electrical and thermal conductivity, and high temperature softening resistance, which make it an ideal option for power connectors and high-current connectors, such as Type-C receptacle, relays, busbars, crown springs, etc.

Founded in 1993, Boway now has established world-class production bases in China, Germany, Canada, and Vietnam. Its high-end manufacturing facilities and technological know-how allow the company to produce tailor-made alloys, tempers, as well as a wide range of coating options such as hot-dipped tinning.

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