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BioTek reMEDys Promotes Awareness and Education on National Family Health History Day
[November 22, 2022]

BioTek reMEDys Promotes Awareness and Education on National Family Health History Day

In honor of Thanksgiving also being National Family Health History Day, BioTek reMEDys, one of the nation's largest independent specialty infusion pharmacies focused on rare diseases, is calling for enhanced education and awareness of the importance of tracking and reporting health conditions of family members.

In 2004, the US Surgeon General designated Thanksgiving as National Family Health History Day in an effort to help boost accuracy of diagnoses of both rare and common health conditions that can be passed on genetically. Whatever a person's family story is, we all live with familial genetic outcomes every day. And we pass them on to our own children. Understanding the history of someone's family's health helps healthcare professionals anticipate health issues, make appropriate treatment decisions and help people ive healthier lives.

"Thanksgiving (also National Family Health History Day) is a perfect time to start a list of the names of your close relatives from both sides of the family," said Brian Zweben, BioTek reMEDys' President. "Talk to these family members about what conditions they have or have had, and at what age the conditions were first diagnosed. You may think you know about all of the conditions in your parents or siblings, but you might gather more information that can then be shared with your physician. At BioTek reMEDys we are proud to be one of the few organizations today that serves patients with many rare conditions passed on from generation to generation through our specialty infusion services, so we know how important it is to have information that can lead to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment."

The CDC reports that if you are concerned about diseases that are common in your family, talk with your doctor at your next visit. Even if you don't know all of your family health history information, share what you do know. Family health history information, even if incomplete, can help doctors decide which screening tests you need and when those tests should start.

BioTek reMEDys provides therapy-specific patient education materials and its National Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help patients and their loved ones manage critical aspects of care. By servicing very specific disease states, BioTek reMEDys' expert team can maintain its focus on patient care - making sure that dosages and treatments are appropriate.

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Founded in 2011, BioTek reMEDys, based in New Castle, DE, has become one of the nation's largest independent infusion pharmacies focused on home infusion. Chai Gadde opened the pharmacy to meet the specific needs of patients who require specialty medications. BioTek reMEDys and its affiliates are now licensed to operate in all 50 states. For information visit

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