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Block Studios Announces KUDO, a New Digital Collectibles Platform for Viral Videos
[September 20, 2022]

Block Studios Announces KUDO, a New Digital Collectibles Platform for Viral Videos

ATLANTA, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Block Studios, a blockchain entertainment company, today announced the launch of KUDO, a gamified, digital collectibles platform for viral videos. KUDO is designed to help lay the foundation for a new creator economy, one that is built on web3 and empowers creators while supercharging fandom.

Global video traffic continues to soar, yet creators, agencies and fans of the web2 economy are still limited when it comes to control of ownership, engagement and revenue. KUDO is a web3 native dapp that will be the foundation of the new creator economy, giving creators greater earning potential and control, and fans the ability to truly engage with their favorite content.

"Most other NFT projects didn't serve the needs of creators, which is overwhelmingly the 3 F's: Fame, Fortune, and Fun. By creating a gamified digital collection with elements of content discovery and passive monetization, KUDO has nailed all three," said Phil Ranta, former Head of Gaming Creators at Facebook and web3 thought-leader in the creator economy. "I can't express strongly enough how important it is that KUDO uses real social analytics to provide value to digital collectibles. They're laying the groundwork to gamify fandom."

Block Studios is partnering with some of the biggest creator economy agencies such as BVIRAL, Ubiquitous,and Collective Media Group to turn the internet’s most popular content into digital, collectible cards. This includes iconic moments from creators like The Backpack Kid, Anxiety Couple, and Chris Ndele. KUDO has signed creators who reach more than a billion individual social media users every day.

Additionally, Block Studios has partnered with some of the industry leaders in web3 technology including Venly and Wyre, and has been issued grants by PolygonDAO and Storj.

“KUDO was created to help usher creators and their massive audiences from web2 into web3 in a seamless way that makes the magic of web3 disappear. With KUDO, creators and fans can reap the benefits of a decentralized creator economy while using a platform that feels familiar,” said Marshall Seese, Jr., KUDO’s Chief Strategy Officer and creator with more than one billion organic views.

How KUDO Works

  • KUDO turns selected video content from approved creators into 10 collectible NFT cards while using their Proof of IP systems to automatically remove any IP not owned by the creator.
  • The creator gets card No. 1 and the rest go into card packs to be purchased by users on KUDO.
  • Fans buy creator or genre card packs on the primary market, and specific cards on the secondary market.
  • KUDO leverages deep layers of gamification to create seasonal challenges where users earn NFT badges that unlock utility.
  • Each time packs and cards are bought and sold, a smart contract pays out royalties to the original creator.

While most creators launching on KUDO have more than one million followers each, any highly-vetted creator with 10,000 or more followers can apply to join KUDO to monetize their existing content catalog and drive fan engagement. Each KUDO season will run for three months and consist of unique challenges where fans collect and level up in order to earn NFT badges that unlock tangible utility.

Fans can sign up for early access and a chance to purchase the first card packs here. To get involved, creators and agencies can begin the application process here.

About Block Studios

Block Studios is a web3 entertainment company that partners with the largest creator economy agencies to launch innovative new solutions that empower creators, and supercharge fandom. Their flagship product, KUDO, is a gamified NFT platform for viral videos. Allowing creators, agencies and partners to monetize their existing content catalog on a platform that drives fan engagement, deep value and meaningful utility through gamification.

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