Overcoming Security Challenges of IP Communications by Using SIP Endpoints

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
TIME: 2:00PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT

One of the hottest topics in the IP communications industry is security. Security becomes the most important concern when a company plans to replace the traditional PBX to IP PBX (SIP trunk or hosted IP communications), and the terminal is generally the SIP endpoint. Therefore, using SIP endpoints is a key element in overcoming the security challenges of IP communications.

In this event, you can learn the real security threats in business IP communications and how to successfully address the challenges by using the sophisticated network technology knowledge. Some topics covered will include:

  • Security communications best practices between SIP endpoints and IP PBX
  • Keys to evaluating SIP endpoints’ API security
  • Secure provisioning of SIP endpoints
  • Security challenges in business application scenarios in VoIP
  • Credentials security in SIP endpoints
  • SIP endpoints hardening security
Who should attend:
  • CTOs, CIOs, Network Architects
  • IT Directors
  • Product Managers and Technicians from large enterprises or large ITSPs
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Systems Integrators
  • IT Generalists

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Karmy Wang,
VP of Product Management Yealink Network Technology

Karmy is the Vice President of Product Management at Yealink, the “Global Top 5 SIP Phone Provider” with more than 350 employees. Having earned his B.S. in Automation in 2004 from the Southwest University of Science and Technology, he is now in charge of overseeing all Yealink product strategy.

Karmy worked his way up from an entry level position as software engineer to an upper management title in only 8 years, in testament to his tremendous knowledge of and dedication to the VoIP industry, and particularly to improving IP endpoint technology.

Prior to becoming the VP of Product Management, Karmy was the Embedded Software Manager for 6 years and the Director of Product Management for 2 years with proven ability to lead the teams in developing and managing multiple endpoint products and strategize comprehensive market analyses.

He will be introducing Yealink’s presentation on the modern day macro structure of IP phone security.

Mike Hou,
FAE Manager
Yealink Network Technology

Mike Hou currently serves as FAE (Field Assistance Engineer) Manager for Yealink, the “Global Top 5 SIP Phone Provider,” offering innovative direction on market-cornering techniques and possessing an avid dedication to designing user-friendly products. Just this year, he pitched three of the company’s most popular units, including its RPS, DECT phone and Gigabit IP phone.

With years of added experience in R&D and tech support, Hou’s skillset is prolific; he’s also the leader of Yealink’s Global Technical Support team, responsible for overseeing over 60 channel partners worldwide, including such big names as Telefonica and T-Mobile. His projects in this vein have yielded the company an annual 50 percent revenue increase, and his recent roadshow speech convinced as many as 300 attendees to join the VoIP and UC markets.

Mike holds a B.A. in Communications Engineering from the Northeast Forestry University of China, and has studied Wireless Communications at the Harbin Institute of Technology as a researcher. In his rare spare time, his interests include sports, mountain climbing, and music.

He will be elaborating the importance of IP security and providing a feasible solution.

Nancy Zhang,
VP of Strategic Accounts & Business Development
Yealink Network Technology

Nancy has over 13 years of experience in the Voice Communications industry. First joining Yealink in 2003 as a software engineer, she now serves as Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Business Development, having also been heavily involved with the company’s R&D, project management, and sales departments.

Prior to becoming the VP, Nancy was the sales director of EMEA area and successfully managed to establish strategic relations with key partners in this area, including BroadSoft, Genesys and major regional PBXs. In addition, Nancy also established FAE (Field Assistance Engineer) team taking care of all pre and after sales technical services.

Before joining Yealink, Nancy worked as a software engineer for YaXon Networks, where she specialized in GPS positioning applications. She has also overseen software development for analog PBX and phone systems for Chenxin Communications.

She will be presenting on Yealink’s solution to IP security.


Rachel Ramsey,
Web Editor

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