How Cloud Based VoIP Optimizes Multi-Site Operations
Achieve True Enterprise
Wide Synergy

Wednesday April 11, 2012 2:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT

Deploying cloud based agent routing is a "game changer" for multi-site contact centers. Although most operators have established multi-site, multi-source configurations, much of the promise of cross-site labor optimization remains unrealized. Technical complexity and expensive VoIP infrastructure limit seamless routing across the enterprise - forcing operators to segment work by physical location, spawning functional workflow silos and limiting cross location routing.

Cloud based VoIP agent routing removes physical location barriers at an economical price, allowing calls to be matched to the right agent at the right time across the global enterprise. Not only can routing be global, warm transfers are sub-second with real-time data screen pops for any agent in any location. In many scenarios, seamless multi-site agent routing can increase productivity by as much as 100%.

Join LiveVox and XO Communications operations and technology executives as they map out how to leverage VoIP across multiple sites to create seamlessly linked centers. Hear real world scenarios of best practices and lessons learned.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Optimize a global work-force and build efficient call escalation strategies
  • Realize the inherent synergies of strategic sites
  • Streamline process while gaining control and visibility across an enterprise of remote sites and/or home based agents
  • Solve operational challenges like seasonality, tech portability, call volume spikes, and rapidly shifting client demands
  • Leverage MPLS to solve network security and redundancy challenges across multiple sites
  • Use existing resources to stay risk-averse in a fluid compliance environment
Who should attend:
  • Contact center decision makers
  • IT and Operations executives
  • IT consultants and telecom/technology resellers

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Steve Vaughan,
Sr. Director Product Mgmt, LiveVox

John McNamara
Chief Marketing Officer – LiveVox, Inc.

Dan Toomey,
Sr. Mgr. Product Mgmt. - WAN & Security Solutions, XO Communications

Paul McGee,
Director, Customer Contact Management, NCO Group

Erik K Linask,
Group Editorial Director TMCnet