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April 17, 2014

Webinar - Hybridization Helps Businesses Optimize IT Based on Need

There was a time in the not too distant past when all computing systems were on-premises and completely controlled by their corporate owner. Now that cloud computing is all the rage, and computing systems are rapidly moving to data centers operated by service providers that deliver on particular computing needs.

There’s not just one computing model, however, and running all software systems in the cloud is no more appropriate than running all systems on-premises.

There are further considerations that businesses need to keep in mind, too, when they consider their IT needs: If they do use the cloud, should they employ a private cloud model where they effectively run their own cloud infrastructure, or should they use the public cloud? Should they leverage virtual machines, or should they use purpose-built software appliances?

The trouble is that there is not just one right solution, which is why hybridization is emerging as the most popular model for most businesses.

Hybridization is the mixing of several different types of computing into a best-of-breed solution that fits the particular need of each business. Each model offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, and businesses are discovering that the first step often is assessing the needs and then putting together a mix of on-premise and off-premise IT resources to meet the job.

Savvy software providers are recognizing this and offering several different methods of delivery to accommodate the hybrid approach.

Distil Networks, for instance, offers both a public cloud version of its popular bot detection system and a private cloud version that businesses can use to optimize their bot detection systems.

Further, Distil has both virtual and physical appliances for the solution, so businesses that want to virtualize can use the company’s solution, too, along with those that want to install an appliance and be done with it.

All versions of the Distil bot detection system protect against content theft, price scraping, form fraud and click fraud, and deliver proactive bot blocking, algorithmic bot fingerprinting and HTTP stream injection prevention to ensure that IT systems are not at threat.

Hybridization can enable businesses to use such services in the best way for their particular needs, although many businesses are still confused about what hybridization actually means.

There’s not just one right solution for computing resources any longer, and smart businesses are learning how to leverage the new way of using IT.

With that in mind, Distil Networks is hosting a free webinar Tuesday, April 29 at 1pm ET on hybridization and how to best leverage it. You can register for the webinar here.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi