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April 16, 2014

Webinar - Cloud-based Contact Centers and the Security of Customer Data - Myths and Realities

It has gotten to the point where a bit of fear runs through me every morning when I open up my browser to see the latest industry news. Invariably there is an article about the latest data breach where my personal information was possibly compromised. Indeed, the Heartbleed Bug caused me, and hopefully you as well, to download a free tool to see which sites use the Open SSL (https.) for encryption of personal information and have changed your passwords on sites that do and have taken precautions since the bug was exposed. 

Lost in all the headlines thus far has been the concern that those with contact centers should have been safeguarding customer information. Let’s face it: contact centers handle, in some cases, million of confidential personal data transactions every year, which puts a premium these days on the need and awareness for heightened security related not just what agents are doing but also to the applications they use.  Unfortunately, contact centers make very big and inviting targets for the bad guys.

These concerns have only become heightened with the growth of cloud-based contact centers. It has led to increased corporate vigilance and compliance with new and enhanced security standards. 

Contact centers are particularly inviting because of those “front line” activities—requesting, entering and securely storing personal and confidential customer information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and CCV or card code verification)—are hacker treasure.  And, as a result of the cloud helping enable many contact centers to rely heavily on remote agents, and tighter restrictions in areas like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI (News - Alert) DSS) compliance, the ante has been raised on what constitutes best practices for protecting customers’ personal and extremely valuable information. 

In fact, as a result of the growing popularity of cloud-based contact centers, questions have been raised regarding whether cloud security measures up versus traditional premises based solutions.

With this in mind, you are invited to an important webinar, “Are You More Secure in the Cloud?  Can the cloud provide the security you need and support the latest standards,” that I will be moderating on Thursday, May 8, 2014 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT. Join me, Genesys (News - Alert) Director Solutions Marketing Rod McLane, and Genesys Sr. Director, Information Security & Compliance Daniel Blander, as we delve into what you need to consider before you move to the cloud when it comes to protecting customer data. 

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Why the stakes have never been higher for critical security attentiveness
  • What level of diligence providers should be performing with suppliers
  • What the key vulnerabilities are when securing your cloud contact center
  • What’s the difference in securing a cloud-based environment
  • What level of PCI DSS compliance is necessary

This is an opportunity to not only hear best practices, but to ask the experts about the issues you are dealing with in evaluating contact center security, and whether a cloud-based approach is best for you. Knowledge really is power.  Given how high the stakes are when it comes to the damage that can be done to your company and its customers, separating the myths from realities about cloud-based contact center security is critical.  In fact, reality is that cloud-based contact centers from a security standpoint are something to embrace rather than fear.  This is an event takeaway that could prove invaluable.  

Edited by Alisen Downey