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April 03, 2014

Webinar - Why Accurate Addresses Matter in CRM

When we examine the virtues of the customer relationship management (CRM) platform, we’re considering the value associated with tracking client information so as to better the chance for long-term revenue opportunities. This is great if you have information on your customer base that is 100 percent accurate and it never changes.

Still, even if addresses in the customer base never change, a failure to capture the address information accurately or to complete forms correctly can leave the CRM data substandard at best. A failure to accurately reach the intended audience means any marketing messages sent out to the address on file won’t reach the right person and is therefore wasted.

But addresses do change and humans do make mistakes when capturing address information. This means that your database is likely lacking when it comes to physical addresses. So, when your sales team is reaching out, their efforts are at times pointed in the wrong direction. The campaign meant to have three integrated channels will only succeed as far as those channels reach the intended parties.

This inaccurate information can also mean that an account may be duplicated within the system. Mary Jones may be one of your biggest customers, but her account is spread across three different instances, all with different information. When this happens, Mary’s interactions with your sales team or customer support aren’t necessarily linked to the same account that captured her last purchase. You wind up with information pieces that fail to deliver the whole picture and degrade the value you were hoping to realize.

Such an approach to customer care is also frustrating for Mary. When she places a call about an issue she had the week before, the customer service rep needs to be able to see the interaction on Mary’s account in the CRM platform. If the rep pulls up a partial record and can’t find the information, Mary has to restate her case or ask to speak with the person who helped her the week before.

This level of unprofessionalism in customer care can quickly damage the brand and make Mary feel as though her business isn’t valuable enough to track. In the day of personalized marketing messages and direct customer care, such a failure could quickly push Mary to consider the competition. If you don’t want to have this happen with Mary or any other customer, you may want to check out a free webinar by Loqate and Cloudbilt.

Do You Know Where Your Customers Really Are? is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9, 2014 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT. If you need tight integration between address verification and CRM connectors, reduced efficiency and financial losses and insight into address verification that can deliver value, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Register for your spot today.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker