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October 18, 2013

Webinar - A Closer Look at IntelePeer's New Communications Portal

Communication and connectivity have emerged as defining areas for businesses in the future, thanks to globalization and continued advancements in technology. Today, it is possible for a company to coordinate its operations and services across different countries with communications that are not only instant, but also safe and secure.

To help make the best use of these opportunities, many companies are offering cloud-based communications portals. One such company, IntelePeer (News - Alert), has introduced its communications platform called Fluent Marketplace. This service offers seamless connectivity across different countries at one low cost for users. It also supports premium services such as HD audio and video. Another salient aspect of Fluent Marketplace is that it will integrate ordering and billing through a single portal. These features were added to fill the gap that existed between business executives who wanted high-end connectivity and application providers who wanted to create sophisticated billing and ordering applications.

Currently, Fluent Marketplace has three partners who are willing to make their applications a part of this platform. CTI (News - Alert) Group's SmartRecord call recording service, Subsentio's intercept solution for communication service providers and Inference Solutions' speech-based call center applications are expected to bring in a lot of functionality and connectivity for businesses.

In the future, Fluent Marketplace plans to add more partners to enhance connectivity options. It also plans to offer it as a federation service for users. There is also a lot of discussion going on about expanding these features to different businesses and vendors through multiple collaborations. In fact, an upcoming webinar, “UC Federation: The Next Wave of Networking,” taking place on October 23, is being offered to provide a better understanding of the benefits that are possible from this seamless connectivity option.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi