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September 25, 2013

Webinar - Embrace the Social Learning Landscape

The traditional approach to learning has been the mainstay in society for generations. A heavy focus has always been placed on mathematics, literacy and writing in a classroom setting. While this approach was the norm for the majority in the “over 20” segment of the market, a shift is definitely taking place. Not only are schools dropping cursive writing from the curriculum; they are also embracing social learning.

In taking a broad look at academics as we know it, it’s easy to assume that all learning has been social learning. When you’re placed in a classroom of your peers, focusing on the same curriculum, social engagement is definitely taking place. For many of us, however, those social interactions were not all positive. As a result, many would never want to go back to the days of high school were confidence was low and the “in” crowd made the rules.

On the other hand, there are benefits to this approach to learning. While total engagement within the class may not have come until college, the introduction of the social element to benefit all is worth a closer look. It is often the driver behind new philosophies used within the corporate environment to provide professionals with the new tools needed to promote learning and advancement.

Social learning borrows from the proven techniques of yesterday and blends them with new and innovative approaches available today. It respects the talents and learning styles of the individuals involved, while still focusing on the needs and the ultimate goal of the organization. It is a great way to blend both formal and informal techniques into a concept that is accepted by those involved as an opportunity to maximize their talents for potential advancement.

Corporations are viewing social learning as an opportunity to maximize their investments in learning. By embracing the social learning approach to training and education of the professional workforce, these companies are leveraging a key, untapped asset – employees. The “in” crowd is removed and instead those who bring the knowledge and willingness to grow are those who will shine.

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Edited by Alisen Downey