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July 03, 2013

Webinar - Learn About the Appeal and Benefits of Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization (WFO) is proving highly desirable, for what should be obvious reasons. An optimized workforce means optimized productivity, after all, so contact centers are working on creating an even more integrated WFO strategy. But what really drives WFO strategies, and what benefits can they provide?

According to Forrester (News - Alert) research, 48 percent of contact center buyers are already using WFO. An additional 26 percent will be joining them within the year, making workforce optimization essentially one of the most commonly invested-in areas for contact centers.

There are multiple trends that are making WFO as widespread and popular as it is. For instance, the growth of multi-channel service models has created a need for views focused more on the entire customer experience, while an influx of data means more analytics-driven insight is needed. These help drive the need for workforce optimization in call centers for pretty much any industry.

Of course, there are some simpler reasons for needing workforce optimization. It provides a cleaner, simpler method of optimizing a call center, its employees, and all the data and information it obtains. At the same time, it provides a lower TCO, thus saving money while helping to improve returns. There isn’t any reason to pass on something like that.

In order to better understand the benefits and appeal of workforce optimization, Calabrio (News - Alert) is hosting a webinar that will examine its key trends. The webinar, “Renewed Focus on Optimization – Key Trends Driving the New Era Workforce Optimization Strategies,” will see Forrester analyst Art Schoeller discuss WFO, along with Calabrio’s Kristen Jacobsen, and with TMCnet’s own Rich Steeves as the moderator. It will be held on July 9 at 12 p.m. EDT, so those who are invested in WFO, wish to learn more about it, or even just have a general curiosity towards it should give it a look and see what they can learn and gain.

Edited by Alisen Downey