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July 03, 2013

Webinar - Deutsche Group Teams Up with Zimory to Launch Vendor-Neutral Cloud Marketplace

Financial services company Deutsche Boerse Group has tapped cloud management software provider Zimory to provide the underlying cloud technology for the soon-to-be-launched Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange.

Once the cloud computing spot market rolls out in the first quarter of 2014, the exchange will be a vendor-neutral marketplace for companies that outsource their data storage and computer processing needs, allowing IT resources to be traded like securities and energy, electronically, and within seconds, according to Ruediger Baumann, CEO of Zimory.

“Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange will fundamentally change how cloud computing resources are bought and sold, Baumann said in a statement. “The time when contract negotiations took months will be over for most businesses. Standardizing IaaS offerings will revolutionize the cloud computing market in a similar way to how the GSM standard changed cellular telephony. Cloud services will be provided faster and in more varied ways.

Baumann said that new cloud computing industries, application areas and brokerage services will develop out of the Cloud Exchange. The necessary prerequisites for a “new age of cloud computing” are industry standards for IaaS and a neutral, secure marketplace, which is being created in conjunction with Deutsche Boerse group, he added.

The Berlin-based company’s IaaS cloud management software will create the physical connection between buyers and sellers, allowing for the settlement process of the Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange.

The software is characterized by its open APIs, scalability, multi-tenancy and decoupled architecture; delivering buyers and sellers the flexibility and business agility required to trade compute and storage capacity securely. This neutral software allows consumers and sellers to buy and sell capacity quickly and easily, without being locked into the technology or offering of only one provider, company officials said.

A webinar on July 9 will provide additional insight into this global, neutral cloud marketplace that aims to bring standardization and transparency.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein