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June 21, 2013

Webinar - Improving Lead Generation by Integrating Social Media with Marketing Automation

The fact of the matter is that businesses run on two things: generating new customers, and keeping current customers loyal and willing to entertain additional products and services. The latter is what all of the hoopla and focus on “improving the customer experience” is about. The former concerns how your sales and marketing efforts can improve not just the quantity of leads generated but also the quality. 

The interesting thing is that the advent and pervasive use of social media has become a magnet of intense interest for companies seeking to make lead generation more effective and efficient. The realities are that what looks easy – blasting out campaigns on Twitter (News - Alert), Facebook, etc. – is not sufficient for obtaining optimal results. Indeed, many a company has looked at including social media as a checklist item without understanding that it cannot and should not be used as “one-off” or siloed efforts, and thus they are surprised when “it isn’t working like we thought.”

Indeed, what is needed is a holistic approach to lead generation campaigns that integrate social media with automated marketing capabilities. Social is critical because it is leveraging the megaphone that is the Internet and provides simultaneously the ability to have broad reach yet also do highly customized targeting. Because of this it can be reasonably argued that all lead generation campaigns need to have a social component. However, integrating the social component for maximum impact is complicated.

Powerful benefits from social and marketing automation integration

The reason integrating social media with marketing automation is so now and will be more so going forward are the power of the benefits provided. These include the ability to deploy a variety of social apps to all the places where you're already touching prospects — from your website and landing pages to your Facebook (News - Alert) pages and emails. In addition, the integration of social into marketing automation also allows tracking. What this gives sales and marketing are the tools necessary to build a next-generation Social CRM database that includes:

  • Social profiles of individuals
  • Peoples’ sharing behavior
  • Visibility into how outreach is impacting your processes and bottom line through the generation of insights that strengthen lead scoring and nurturing activities

If you are tantalized by the upside potential of making all of your campaigns social, but appreciate the need to get it right instead of creating expectations that cannot be realized, the webinar, “Sweet Leads are Made of This: Integrating Social Media with Marketing Automation,” on June 26 at 1 p.m. EDT, is a good place to learn about best practices and have your questions answered.   During this event, Jason Miller, social media manager for Marketo (News - Alert), and I will be discussing such vital topics as:

  • Developing relationships with very early-stage prospects before they even enter your database
  • Building and maintaining relationships with known prospects as they educate themselves
  • Supporting the sales cycle once the buyer engages in a formal buying process with a sales rep
  • Deepening and expanding relationships with existing customers and nurturing prospective leads
  • Integrating social applications into your marketing automation strategy

As noted at the top, at the end of the day the business of business is about attracting new customers and delighting existing ones. The title of the webinar is obviously a play on the old hit song by the Eurythmics. The truth is that quality leads are sweet, and finding out how to get them easier and more efficiently and effectively is something that can be music to your ears.

Edited by Alisen Downey