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April 01, 2013

Webinar - Listen Up Espanol Delivers Awesomeness to US Hispanic Consumers

According to recent figures there are over 50 million Spanish speakers in the US. Altogether, this group wields over $1.2 trillion in buying power, and that figure is only expected to grow in coming years. It’s a bit shocking, then, to realize that one out of every two Hispanics in the US feels that most ads don’t target them. When companies simply translate their existing ads into Spanish, they are missing 50 percent of their potential audience. That’s where a company like Listen Up Español comes in.

Listen Up Español has carved out a strong niche for itself by focusing on direct response and non-profit spaces, serving as a conduit for the US Hispanic market. It boasts a 550 seat center in Mexico that has 900 agents taking calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It has initiatives in the call center, IVR and mobility spaces, looking to help companies connect with Hispanic customers and tap into a potentially lucrative market.

For companies that are interested in reassessing their target demographics to include the entire Hispanic market and reach them using effective communications via efficient channels, there will be a free webinar to discuss this topic and more. The event, “Engage U.S. Hispanic Consumers for Market Domination,” will be held on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 2:00pm ET. During the webinar, attendees such as CMOs, marketers and business owners will learn best practices to grow a multicultural customer base, ways to determine how to engage a burgeoning multicultural market, and how to avoid critical mistakes made by big brand marketers. Presenting during the session will be Tony Ricciardi, co-founder and president of LUE.

For more information on the webinar or to register, click here.

Edited by Ashley Caputo