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February 05, 2013

Webinar - Genesys Helps Your Cloud Call Center End Multichannel Frustration

Not long ago, if you were a customer and you needed to get in touch with a company, you picked up a phone and started dialing. Nowadays, however, you have a whole host of channels to choose from when you want to reach a business with a question or complaint. You might tweet at the company or post on its Facebook (News - Alert) wall, or see if it has a mobile app. The unavoidable truth is that customer needs are changing, and companies need to change their customer service strategies to address this new multichannel world.

In the past, if businesses wanted to add additional functionality to their contact centers, they would just spin up a new solution: IVR, e-mail or whatever else they needed. But these legacy systems are siloed and don’t play well together, leaving gaps in an ongoing customer conversation which in turn leads to frustration and churn. Studies show that only a third of companies are addressing the new multichannel needs of customers, so it behooves businesses to develop a strategy to address this rapidly changing landscape.

For businesses interested in learning more about this topic, cloud call center expert Genesys together with Forrester (News - Alert) Research, will be holding a free webinar. Entitled “Ending the Multi-channel Frustration: Insights into Delivering Exceptional Multichannel Customer Service,” the webinar will feature Keith Pearce, VP of Solution Marketing at Genesys (News - Alert), and Kate Leggett, principal analyst serving application development and delivery professionals at Forrester.

The two experts will be speaking about a strategy to enable one consistent conversation with customers regardless of channels. It will also give insight into how to consolidate customer service channels, future-proof the contact center architecture and develop a customer-centric strategy and differentiate the customer experience.

To register for the event, click here.

Edited by Jamie Epstein