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August 27, 2012

Webinar - Mobile Voice Provides Immediacy and Simplicity to Your Customers

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming an essential platform for today’s businesses as they are enabling new opportunities for customer interaction. Since customers are spending more and more time on mobile devices, there is an expectation that companies offer mobile customer support. As customer care professionals determine what mobile customer support tools will best fit their business, the challenge will be how to ensure these tools put the customer first.

Goldman-Sachs reported that by 2014 mobile traffic to websites will exceed desktop traffic, and by 2015 81 percent of U.S. cell phone users will have smartphones. Additionally, according to Yahoo, 86 percent of mobile Internet users use their mobile device while watching TV, with 37 percent of those browsing the Internet for non-TV-related material. 

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So today, defining a customer experience (CX) is the primary debate among customer care professionals. Some argue that the customer’s online or digital interactions and perceptions of a company are paramount, while some greatly value the personalized customer experience.

Thanks to Apple’s (News - Alert) Siri, the next frontier in mobile apps is mobile voice, which lets users utilize apps in additional settings like while driving a car. Instead of going through a never-ending list menu options, a user can simply say what they are looking for and the app produces the information. Ultimately, voice functionality has simplified the user’s task, so the CX has vastly improved.  

Angel, a provider of mid-market and enterprise focused, cloud-based customer experience solutions, has recently released a product called Lexee, a solution that allows brands to voice-enable their mobile app.

With more over one billion mobile applications downloaded each month, Lexee provides businesses a voice activated iOS or Android (News - Alert) mobile solution for customers. Lexee tracks the impact of mobile solutions with analytics, and empowers users to be more productive while on-the-go. A cloud-based self-service product like Lexee provides businesses with a solution that can be accessed from any location and modified at any time.

Self-service technology like Angel’s Lexee helps companies make changes to the conversation in a timely manner without having to contact the technology provider to make the changes for them, saving time and money.

“Lexee enables businesses to add conversational voice capabilities into any iPhone (News - Alert) or Android application to personalize the customer experience. Any interaction a customer has with Lexee is reflected on all other customer service channels, such as inbound or outbound interactive voice response (IVR) systems, SMS Chat or Web. This provides users with a seamless customer experience, regardless of how the customer chooses to connect with the business,” Weinhold recently told TMCnet.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 1:00 PM EDT, Angel will be hosting a webinar discussing the power of voice by using Lexee for Salesforce. Kelly Weinhold, product strategist at Angel will discuss why you should add mobile to your CX strategy, how to identify scenarios where voice provides improved customer experience, and why organizations need a voice assistant to serve customer needs.

If you are a customer experience professional who manages your own customer interactions strategy, a marketing professional on the forefront of mobile CX trends, or an IT and operations stakeholder interested in learning about next generation technologies, then you should attend this webinar.

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