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August 23, 2012

Webinar - M2M Brings a Technological Revolution (But no Machine Uprising)

Machine to machine (M2M) solutions and services have become important lately, and they’re only going to grow in the coming years. As such, it’s important to know what to expect, and perhaps more importantly, what you can do to take advantage of the near future of M2M.

With all the devices filling the market, it’s expected that their contributions to data traffic will eventually exceed that of people and information. The resulting “Internet of things” will provide a great number of uses, but an equal number of challenges. For example, how can one ensure systems can process and use the data they acquire in a way they need, while keeping them agile, scalable, and cost-effective?

M2M technologies do to data what assembly line robots have done for construction. They save people the trouble of having to undertake monotonous tasks, and provide us with meaningful information. With the expansion of IP networks worldwide, M2M has also grown, as computers and systems are becoming more connected.

At the moment, there are several M2M initiatives underway, such as the ITU-T Focus Group M2M, which is trying to create a global standardized M2M service layer, or the several projects from the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group. Should these initiatives prove successful, M2M will be even more widespread, with systems communicating and working together at a new level of interoperability.

As M2M systems are expected to grow even further, and will be able to gather and use even more data in the not too distant future. Devices will be able to connect and work together as well as any human-to-human communication can, creating what is almost a second network of minds working beneath the surface of all projects. It’s up to each company to find a way to best take advantage of this new technology as per their needs.

For those looking for more information about M2M systems and how they’ll affect the industry and market, there’s an upcoming webinar from Oracle and Hitachi (News - Alert) Communications Technologies, hosted by TMCnet. You can register for it by clicking here.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo