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June 05, 2012

Webinar - Improving Performance with Intel Xeon 5600 Series - NEI Webinar

Launching effective appliance deployment within the enterprise is a challenging task when the right equipment and tools are lacking. NEI has set out to overcome this challenge, partnering with Intel (News - Alert) and Dell to enhance the value of their platforms.

To expound on the benefits, the company recently hosted a webinar, “Unleash the Power of Intel’s Latest Xeon Processors for Extreme Performance on Dell (News - Alert) Platforms,” exploring how this technology will impact the performance of applications. 

In taking a closer look at Intel Xeon processors based on the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, attendees learned which applications can benefit the most, as well as how Dell’s new 12th Generation PowerEdge servers deliver the demanded agility and increased efficiency to support a dynamic environment. 

In a survey of 112 unique companies in medical, telecom, network management, security and storage verticals, nearly one third of companies plan to transition to the Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor series in less than 12 months. Currently, 45 percent of respondents are deploying applications on Dell platforms (the leading choice), and 48 percent of the total are using the Intel Xeon 5500 processor within their platform of choice. 

While respondents reported concern regarding the costs and/or resources necessary to implement the Intel Xeon E5-2600 family, key benefits were definitely identified. In fact, surveyed companies anticipated dramatic performance increases, improved memory access and speed, and greater power efficiency, among other benefits. 

Intel is certainly promoting the “gen-over-gen performance improvement” for the Intel Xeon 5600 series. Compared with ISG’s high end processors, performance is improved 68 percent. When the Xeon 5600 series is integrated with the Dell OEM (News - Alert) XL program, performance improvement available sits at 111 percent. 

According to Dell, “Our new line of PowerEdge servers was designed to meet our customers’ most common requests and requirements. They’re built to accelerate performance and expendability, increase productivity, simplify support and incorporate features that are specific to OEMs.”

The OEM 12th generation series definitely offers specific features that are unique to this platform, including the XL program, carrier-grade design, the LCD access control panel, identity module and comprehensive services. 

In working with Dell, NEI (News - Alert) can work to enable companies to overcome their application deployment challenges. For instance, the two companies work together to customize designs to fit the needs of the market and offer global advanced server replacement programs, among other key initiatives. 

To help manage the application lifecycle, NEI manages the applications on hardware and virtual solutions in leading virtual environments, monitors health and alarms on hardware and software events, and provides automated software update services. In partnering with Dell, these benefits are extended and enhanced to support the dynamic environment. 

Transitioning to new technology can be a challenge in any environment, even with promised benefits. In this partnership between NEI, Dell and Intel, companies can enjoy a successful transition to ensure rapid delivery in performance improvements. 

To learn more on what this partnership can mean for your environment, access this webinar in full.

Edited by Jamie Epstein