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May 17, 2012

Webinar - Hosted is the Way to Go for Today's Contact Center

As new innovations in IP technology are introduced, today’s contact centers are undergoing a great number of changes which have made it possible to decrease costs, drive better business results and offer new capabilities.

Contact centers are taking this leap to the cloud and hosted environments to move away from premises-based solutions that are not only costly to run and maintain, but can constrict them from growing at a pace that will ensure business success.

With the cloud, contact centers can make use of diverse infrastructures, reach all new channels and incorporate new technologies without having to make significant or costly changes to anything in-house.

In addition to improved technological capabilities, a cloud contact center offers a chance to unify dispersed agents and resources, as well as better monitor those agents and management is much more flexible.

Contact centers benefit financially because they must only pay for services on an as-needed and per-transaction basis. So instead of having to make a giant outright purchase of all the hardware and software, the contact center can make use of extra capacity and services only when their peak contact periods rise.

In terms of flexibility, hosted solutions also offer a giant benefit to contact centers because they reduce the burden on maintenance and the need for constant revisions to software – and as a result reduce the need for additional support software.

According to Harry Miller, Chief Operating Officer at USAN (News - Alert), the hosted model is resuscitating an industry that has long suffocated under legacy, premise-based solutions and bulging capital expenditure demands.

USAN provides products and solutions to help deliver top quality customer experiences across all channels. The company’s multi-channel customer contact products are available both on-premise and hosted.

During a recent webinar Miller explained why cloud services are ideal for businesses such as help desks, sales, technical support, business continuity services and similar organizations.

To hear all the details, check out the archived version of this recent webinar from USAN.

Edited by Braden Becker