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April 20, 2012

Webinar - For Sangoma, Mobile VAS is the Name of the Game

Mobile devices’ position in the rise of digital information is exceptional, but that itself is now a given. Lately, the game is capitalizing on it. Mobile value-added services (VAS) are the next step in the mobile arms race, many of which are the deciding factors for consumers – what they can do on the go, how much of it and the impact on their wallets.  

It’s often a challenge for mobile manufacturers to provide competitive deals and service plans while increasing revenue, especially in an already flourishing market – expected to hit $11 billion in by 2015 in India, according to Asian analysts.

But as developers engage projects under open source networks, it becomes necessary to maintain a keen eye to the licenses often disallowing today’s potential mobile applications. Sangoma Technologies (News - Alert), a source of hardware and software for related telephony services, navigates these pillars well.

“Products from Sangoma, already designed to interface with a number OST [open source technology] Platforms, can greatly reduce the barrier to entry to providing a Mobile VAS service,” said Jeff Dworkin of Sangoma. ”The price point is significantly lower because Sangoma hardware is designed to take advantage of all the functionality of the OST Platform, and not trying to compete with it.”

Companies like Sangoma use an SS7 network, consistent with some of the most effective VAS applications that must perform with open source telephony – a critical component in the development of mobile VAS services.

To hear more, check out an upcoming Webinar on Mobile VAS using Sangoma and Open Source (News - Alert) Telephony.

Edited by Jennifer Russell