Virtualizing Patient Care:
The ROI of Remote and Home Healthcare

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Managing healthcare costs seems to always make the news. However, often the discussion is focused solely on the finances of healthcare and not on the quality of life for the patient.

Sprint Emerging Solutions Group has partnered with industry leaders to deliver solutions that not only help reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, but enable extended healthcare through the mobile network. This webinar will highlight remote monitoring solutions that provide a better quality of life for patients in their home, or wherever a patient resides.

Join us for this exciting webinar as we discuss the practical side of remote patient monitoring and how these solutions can help improve your patient’s quality of life and your ROI.

What Attendees will learn:

  • Insights, industry trends, and best practices from the perspectives of two leaders in remote patient monitoring: IDEAL LIFE and Reflection Solutions.
  • How Sprint’s wireless network enables the rapid deployment of highly effective remote patient monitoring solutions.

Who should attend:
  • Business and technology decision-makers at leading healthcare organizations.

Steve Wheeler
Director Business Development & Sales

IDEAL LIFE is a multinational company that delivers timely and accurate health information through open and collaborative solutions that are secure, reliable, mobile, and customizable. IDEAL LIFE's easy, affordable, consumer-inspired products are truly a breakthrough in the field of remote health management. Designed for individuals with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and obesity, they are as easy to use as plugging in a phone.

Steve Wheeler is a seasoned healthcare industry executive with many years of experience introducing new products and services to the healthcare market. He brings an in-depth knowledge of how work-flow processes can impact healthcare organizations both financially and clinically, and a unique understanding of the technical and financial connectivity between patients, providers and payers within our increasingly complex healthcare environment.

A sought-after speaker at national healthcare conferences, Steve has served as President or CEO for a number of companies and held senior management positions in sales, marketing and business development over the course of his career. Since joining IDEAL LIFE, he has been instrumental in incorporating the company's product line with major national health plans and developing strategic relationships with complimentary technology, health and wellness organizations.

Steve graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, and completed graduate work in the University's MBA Program. He and his family live in Laguna Beach, California.

David Kovach
Reflection Solutions

Utilizing a cost-efficient, web-based subscription service, Reflection Solutions provides healthcare providers, individuals, and their loved ones with peace of mind by providing a secure, wireless, wellness-monitoring and alerting solution for almost any application. By integrating AFrame Digital’s FDA-approved healthcare monitoring device—designed as a wristwatch—the system offers real-time monitoring of an individual’s activity, location, and even some vital signs.

As the co-founder of Reflection Solutions, David Kovach specializes in providing customers with unique technology solutions in the commercial and government sectors.

A graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, Mr. Kovach has executive experience in the technology and telecommunication sectors spanning 25 years, including his founding of an international VOIP network and his tenure as the Director of the Technology Transactions Group while at MCI. Before moving to MCI, Mr. Kovach served as General Counsel for the Federal Computer Corporation, a government contracting company specializing in computer system integration for the Federal Government. Prior to his work with FCC, Mr. Kovach practiced corporate law with a major Chicago-based law firm.

Kelly Robinson
Product Manager
Sprint, Emerging Solutions Group

Kelly Robinson is a Product Marketing Manager in the Emerging Solutions Group at Sprint. She is focused on managing M2M (machine-to-machine) strategic partnerships concentrated on health care, wellness and digital media. Kelly offers 18 years of experience in marketing management at Sprint, driving new partnerships and strategies in health care, digital media, smart cards and emerging technologies. She is the past President and has served on the Board of Directors of the Kansas State School for the Blind. Kelly is also a devoted mother and in her spare time, she is a songwriter for Jose Hendrix, an international pop singer.

Carl Ford
Community Developer,
4GWE Crossfire Media

Carl Ford is Co-Founder of Crossfire Media focused on the impact of communication technology on consumers and industry. Carl has been highlighting the key initiatives around the advances of the Commercial Internet since the beginning. From developing Product and service strategies to moderating meetings at ETSI, Carl’s 20+ years have always focused on the impact that service cost, regulatory and marketing issues have in rolling out new services.

As a community developer for Pulvermedia, Carl developed all of the VON Conference content. As an integral part of the IP Communications community, Carl has been instrumental in helping develop various trade organizations and has advised many companies on both strategic and technical issues to satisfy the needs of these company’s customers.