Eliminating a Minimum of 100 Wasted Field Service Routes in the Next 90 Days.

Wednesday August 9th, 2012 2:00PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST

Customer no-shows and no-access situations erode the productivity of your field service operation, continually inflate operating costs and negatively impact customer experiences – all in a era where customers have increased choice and where pressures to reduce operating costs are constant.

With millions of appointment confirmations to our credit, this 45 minute webinar will discuss best practices developed in optimizing the cost performance of some of the largest field service operations in North America – including lessons learned managing pre-appointment confirmation processes managing the dispatch of over 75,000 field service employees every single day.

No matter if your business is repairs, installations, deliveries or other services; you will learn actionable steps that can eliminate a minimum of a 100 wasted routes per day from your field service operation in the next 90 days.

What Attendees will learn:

  • Lessons learned from optimizing Fortune 50 field service dispatch operations
  • How to evaluate all of the multiple dimensions impacting field service performance
  • 90 day plan to eliminate a minimum of 100 wasted field service routes per day from their dispatch operation
  • A case study of dispatch performance improvement from a Fortune 50 field service operation that used this plan
Who should attend:
  • Field service managers responsible for dispatch performance and cost
  • Customer contact operations managers

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Mark Wilburn
CTO, SkyCreek

Mark Willburn is SkyCreek’s CTO. Mark brings 15 years experience architecting and managing field service customer contact programs for some of the largest field service operators in North America; supporting over 75,000 field service personnel daily. He leads SkyCreek’s product development and support organizations and drives the innovation of new specialized customer contact capabilities to optimize automated contact performance and to minimize avoidable dispatches; resulting in wasted cost, lowered productivity and negative customer experiences.