savvisdirect 3-part IaaS Webinar Series

Webinar 1
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
TIME: 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am PST

  Managing Your Data Growth with Cloud Storage

Scale-Out Cloud Storage has been one of the driving forces in the rapid evolution of cloud technology. We will discuss what scale-out, cloud storage is, why it matters, and how it can help your dedicated, cloud, and hybrid computing configurations alongside a distributed workforce.

From planning your migration of data files to the multiple use cases for access clients, and to using Tokens and Host/API URLs for gaining access to your storage disk, Cloud Storage makes it easy to start storing files in the cloud. Register

Scott Good, Sr. Product Manager of Cloud Storage, savvisdirect
Andy Maier, Sr. Product Manager, savvisdirect


Webinar 2
Thursday, June 13, 2013
TIME: 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am PST

  What a Private Cloud Can Do For Your Business

Learn about the benefits of migrating to a single tenant, dedicated private cloud. You can quickly design, deploy and manage the application delivery lifecycle, including software development, web applications and business services—all while mitigating risk and avoiding costly hardware purchases. Gone are the days of planning, procuring and administering hardware that is outdated almost before it is installed. This webinar introduces you to a faster, pain-free and customized way to implement private-cloud based applications and servers for any sized business. 

Key Benefits:
  • Reduce risks by cutting costs on IT infrastructure
  • Keep up with growth pains affordably by adding resources on a pay as you go basis
  • Free up IT staff to do more with greater efficiency
  • Quickly get a development sandbox up and running
What you will learn:
  • The value of separating infrastructure from applications
  • How to produce instantly available virtual network elements – VPN, load balancers, firewalls with a drag and drop click of the mouse;
  • What questions to ask to better understand your organization’s private cloud requirements
William Rabie, Direction International Business Development, savvisdirect
Andy Maier, Sr. Product Manager, savvisdirect


Webinar 3
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
TIME: 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am PST

  IaaS Security

Learn about the benefits of Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDoS),Web Application Firewalls, File Integrity Monitoring and Anti-Virus Solutions to protect infrastructure. By leveraging these security and risk management practices, customers can have a data migration process to make their journey to the cloud as frictionless and accelerated as possible. Register

Key Benefits of IaaS Security:
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Server and Disk-Hardening Policies
  • Change Management and Audit Procedures
  • Secure Storage
What you will Learn:
A high-level understanding of security controls and risk management process(es) within cloud computing

Ken Owens, VP Security Architecture, Savvis