Gateway Appliance, Internal Gateway or Custom System, which is the right solution for bridging your TMD and VoIP Networks.

Friday, December 2, 2011 TIME: 2:00 pm EST 11:00 am PST

As one of the few vendors that provide all three solutions for bridging VOIP and TMD gear and networks, Sangoma is in the unique position to offer a unbiased and objective analysis of each type of solution. Frederic Dickey, Director of Product Management at Sangoma, along with a panel of experts will analyze the pros and cons of each type of solution: Standalone Gateway VoIP Gateway Appliances, Internal Gateway Software that runs co-resident on an existing application platforms, or a custom developed system using a development framework such as Asterisk or FreeSWITCH and a Sangoma TDM Interface Board.

What the attendees will learn:

  • A clear definition of each type of solution
  • Dealing With Regulatory and Approval Issues of each solution
  • The technical benefits and drawbacks of each type of solution
  • Deployment and Maintenance Issues associated with each type of solution


Kerry Garrison
VP of Strategy, 888Voip

Kerry has been in the VoIP industry for over seven years from the reseller integration side, to running the trixbox CE project, and is currently the VP of Strategy at 888Voip, the leading distributor of VoIP products. Kerry’s main focus is creating content for resellers to make sure they have the tools and information they need in order to maximize their sales and profits. Be sure and check out for over 100 video guides on many different topics including setup and configuration guides for Sangoma products.


Erik K Linask
Group Editorial Director

Erik oversees the daily operation of TMCnet, which delivers news, information, videos, white papers, podcasts, and more to three million visitors each month. He is also a contributor to TMCnet as well as TMC’s IP Communications publications. Prior to joining the TMC team, several years ago, he was Managing Editor at Global Custodian, a global securities services publication, where he also managed the magazine’s survey research. Erik began his professional career at management consulting firm Leadership Research Institute.