Sales & Marketing Fundamentals for People Who Don't Want to Sell or Market Themselves
Thursday, September 22, 2011 TIME: 2:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT

Take away all the fancy programs and tools, sales and marketing is about education, confidence, and trust. MSPs and cloud providers have a unique story to tell and have expertise that nobody else has. However, there is a big disconnect between this expertise and knowledge and closing a sale. Why is this? Attend this webcast and you'll find out.

This session will strip away all the fluff and give a practical, no-nonsense list of things you can do to more effectively market and sell...even for you techies!

Learn how to:
  • Generate leads
  • Conduct your own marketing campaigns
  • Develop a strategy for Selling
  • Learn how to sell according to your strengths
  • Do you need a sales/marketing team and if so, how do you effectively manage them?
  • Pricing Techniques and Strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategies for small firms
  • And much more!

Who should attend:
  • MSPs
  • Cloud Providers
  • Telcos
  • IT System Integrators
  • VARs

Mike Byrne
Director of MSP, Managed Services (MSP) Division Quest Software

Mike Byrne has spent over 6 years & countless hours providing MSP specific consulting services to VAR’s & MSP’s from all over the globe. Specializing in working with MSP’s who are committed in becoming successful MSP's. After spending prolonged periods of time in market helping MSP’s sell their services to their customers, I’ve walked that proverbial ‘mile in their shoes’ & bring a unique industry understanding to the MSP table.

Charles Weaver
CEO and Co-Founder, MSPAlliance

Charles Weaver is the CEO and co-founder of the MSPAlliance (the International Association of Managed Service Providers). Since its founding in 2000, the organization has grown from less than 5 founding members to well over 14,000 members worldwide. Under Mr. Weaver’s management the MSPAlliance has expanded its reach and influence to include education, standards of conduct, and certifications for managed services professionals and companies