Complete Turn-Key IP PBX Solutions

Tuesday May 22, 2012 @ 1 PM EDT/ 10 AM PDT

For today’s small and medium Enterprise, implementing a software-based IP PBX offers many benefits: substantial cost savings, greater scalability, easier management, robust feature sets, enhanced worker productivity, and more. Yet for many businesses, a complete overhaul of their telephony infrastructure to an all-IP solution may not be the best approach. Would you like to learn how to leverage your existing phone system and reap the benefits of next-generation IP PBX technology--while migrating to converged-IP at your own pace?

This webinar highlights turn-key IP PBX solutions that use SmartNode Gateways to connect your legacy phone equipment to your next generation 3CX phone system:

- Connect your existing phone lines to VoIP services and features
- Connect existing legacy phone and fax equipment
- Connect to remote offices with low-cost IP telephony
- Connect on the road and from home
- Connect with voice and data survivability for business continuity

What attendees will learn:
  • Business benefits of software-based 3CX phone systems
  • How SmartNode VoIP Gateways interconnect legacy telephony with advanced VoIP systems and services
  • Pros and Cons of several TDM to IP migration strategies
  • SmartNode auto-provisioning with 3CX phone system

This Webinar is recommended for:
  • C-level executives at small to large organizations
  • MIS and network administrators
  • Systems engineers
  • Value Added Resellers

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Ramon Felder
President and CEO, Patton-Inalp
Networks AG

As well as providing executive leadership to Patton Electronics’ European Headquarters, Patton-Inalp, Ramon Felder provides strategic direction and oversight to Patton’s Converged IP product management team. Mr. Felder played an instrumental role in the initial development and marketing of Patton’s flagship brand, the SmartNodeTM line of VoIP gateway, router, and IAD and session border controller products. Mr. Felder has over 15 years in the telecom industry, including complex hardware and software projects, commercialization of carrier and consumer products, and as sales support and network engineering experience. He also served on the leadership team for a European research project on IP-based interactive multi-media services. As a Product Manager he led a complete line of least-cost routers to a leading position in the emerging market with annual sales over 8 Mio CHF. Mr. Felder holds the Diplôme d'Ingénieur MicroTechnologie, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Dipl. Ing. MT. EFPL) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Mr. Felder resides in the Bern, Switzerland area.

Tyler Delin
Product Manager, Patton Electronics Co.

Tyler Delin serves as Product Manager for Patton’s SmartNode Voice-Over-IP products supporting the North America, South America and Central Europe regions. He also manages all marketing activity globally for Patton’s SmartNode brand.

Brian Conway
North American Channel Manager, 3CX

Brian Conway is the 3CX Channel Manager responsible for the North American territory. He has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications field and has held various sales management and marketing positions within companies such as ATT (SBC), Black Box and other interconnects. Brian's responsibilities have included partner acquisitions and developments, overseeing channel market growth, and managing the 3CX sales activities out of the US Atlanta office.


Juliana Kenny
Web Editor, TMCnet

Juliana Kenny is a Web Editor for TMCnet focusing on customer relationship management as well as call center, VoIP, and telecom-related news. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a double degree in English and French, and is a member of TMCnet’s video newsroom team covering daily news as well as the ITEXPO conferences on camera. Juliana brings editorial experience from the creative literary magazine industry as well as the beverage and label markets to the editorial team at TMCnet.