Take the Risk Out of Cloud Contact
Centers with IP/MPLS

Join XO Communications, NCO Group & LiveVox to discuss how the Cloud solves 8 historic problems with contact center operations

Tuesday July 19, 2011
2:00 PM ET 11:00 AM PT


Contact center executives are being pushed to adopt cloud computing strategies. There’s a lot of hype, but what are the real benefits and what is the right roadmap for adoption? Join network, operations and technology executives at XO Communications, NCO Group and LiveVox to discuss how IP/MPLS reduces the risk of cloud migration. Then discuss how the cloud can help 8 historic call center constraints.

Attendees will learn:
    How to leverage MPLS as a path to the cloud
    Solving network, security and redundancy challenges with cloud migration
    How to solve operational challenges like seasonality, tech portability and call volume spikes
    Solutions to IT challenges like integration, VoIP migration and obsolescence
    How to spot cloud contenders and cloud pretenders
Who should attend:
    Contact center decision makers
    IT and Operations executives
    IT consultants and telecom/technology resellers

Get a jump on learning how the cloud can solve contact center constraints by downloading “How Cloud-Based Switching Simplifies Multi-Site Routing"

Webinar attendees will also receive a copy the XO Communication whitepaper: “The Benefits of Migrating to MPLS,” as well as other whitepapers from the LiveVox Cloud Strategic Briefing Series.

Eric Hyman, Director, Product Management, XO Communications
Paul McGee, Director, Customer Contact Management, NCO Group
Louis Summe, Chief Executive Officer, LiveVox

Moderated by: John McNamara, Chief Marketing Officer, LiveVox

Webinar attendees will receive strategic briefing papers on how solve historic contact center problems from LiveVox and a whitepaper on the benefits of the MPLS IP-network from XO.

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