Can you deliver a Best-in-Class Customer Experience across all your Channels?

Thursday March 8, 2012 11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET

Organizations today are utilizing multiple channels like call centers, email, chat, and social media to serve their customers. Are you effectively utilizing all these channels? Do your customers get consistent and effective experience across all these channels? Learn tips and strategies to develop “Best-In-Class” performance in the multi-channel world of Customer Service.

This Webinar will share research and survey results from a recent study by the Aberdeen Group. Research Director, Sumair Dutta will present his research on 180 service professionals including identified patterns and metrics benchmarks that distinguish Best-in-class companies from the average performers. Leading organizations deliver consistent and effective service experience no matter what channel is being accessed by the customer not only providing higher satisfaction, but also reducing the operational costs.

Join Aberdeen Group, Research Director, Sumair Dutta’s discussion on this valuable survey.

Attendees will learn:

  • What are best-in-class companies doing different
  • What pitfalls are they avoiding?
  • Why are they achieving greater success?
  • What technologies and services are enabling them to succeed?
Who should attend:
Professionals and leaders in
  • Customer Service
  • Call-Center operations
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
Special Offer: Everyone who registers for this webinar will receive a copy of this highly informative research note - “Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience with Multi-Channel Support”

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