Ditch tape! Tape is Dead!
Learn how to make your backup process faster, more secure and simpler

Thursday July 25, 2013 TIME: 11:00am ET/ 8:00am PT

Ditch tape! Tape is Dead!

Shocked? Don't be. And we’ll tell you why. Welcome to our exclusive VIP webinar that will feature senior MSPToday editor and expert tech journalist Doug Barney. Join Doug and GFI's executives as he explains why tape backups are a thing of the past, are unreliable and why your customers should ditch them too - Yesterday. Discover why Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud (D2D2C) is the way forward. In this informative webinar, Doug and GFI's executives will help you understand how your customers can benefit from an industry-unique technology that will make their backup process faster, more secure and simpler. Now is the time to re-learn all you knew about backup!

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Attendees will learn:
  • Tape backups are unreliable and a nightmare to manage
  • Cloud backup is the way forward but…
  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud (D2D2C) is the correct approach
Who should attend:
  • Managed service providers (MSPs) who want to learn more about the latest backup technologies
Doug Barney
Editor, MSPToday

Doug Barney has been a technology journalist for nearly 30 years. Doug was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review, and served as Editorial Director for Visual Studio magazine. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing. Barney also reported for ComputerWorld and InfoWorld. Doug has been a frequent guest on CNN, CNNfn, NECN, and NPR commenting on PC and networking technologies.

Andy Langsam
General Manager, IASO

Andy Langsam is general manager of IASO, an online backup company that is now part of the GFI Software family. Prior to this role, he was Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations since June 2011 and was responsible for worldwide sales and day-to-day operations of the company. Prior to joining GFI, Andy was President and CEO of ScriptLogic Corporation, a subsidiary of Quest Software, from 2009 to 2011. Andy held sales and executive sales management positions at BMC Software and IBM. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Baylor University.

Ed Harnish
VP, Marketing, GFI

Ed Harnish is Vice President of Marketing at GFI Software. Ed, a 25-year veteran of the high-technology industry, has a long track record of providing both customer and shareholder value. A pioneer of the concept of customer-centric organizations (where everyone in an organization works toward a clear set of goals that empower its customer base to become more competitive), Ed has assisted dozens of companies to achieve their growth goals. Prior to joining GFI, Ed was vice president of marketing at Acronis, contributing to the company's growth from less than $20M 2005 to $120M in 2008. Ed has held senior positions at Aptus Technologies, Switchboard, and Banyan Systems. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Ed was honorably discharged in 1979.

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