Free Webinar: Three-Part Series: Forecasting, Planning, and Analysis for Complex Contact Center Operations

Three-Part Series:
Operational Efficiency, Learning to Share, and Capacity Planning

Boy, have contact center operations gotten more complex! As companies search for new ways to improve their operational efficiency, they have leaned on the teams that have proven themselves to be experts at solving complex operational problems: the contact center workforce analysis teams. Because of the success associated with call center forecasting, planning, and scheduling these teams are being asked to apply their technologies and expertise to other contact types: email, chat, back-office, and outbound contact types. This certainly presents a challenge.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012 1:00pm EST 10:00am PST

How to improve operation efficiency with long term planning

What will today bring… massive over time needs? Team meeting changes? Sending agents home? These are real world issues occurring daily in contact centers. What if we can lower the drastic real time adjustments by being more prepared? All the while saving the company money. In this session we will discuss long term planning analysis approaches to not only improve operation efficiency but overall lower enterprise costs. Find out More...

Jen Dziekan- Manager, Training


Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1:00pm EST 10:00am PST

Learning to Share: A different way to develop and communicate the capacity plan

How often do you get asked "Why are we not hitting service goals?" or "Why are we missing our budget?"A common thread among Capacity Planning professionals is the inherit frustration that comes when the "realistic capacity plan." The plan we’ve worked so hard on is cast aside in favor of unrealistic assumptions. The resulting capacity plans inevitably lead to frustration for the entire organization and its customers. Why does this happen over and over? How can you change the cycle? During this session we will look at different ways to approach the capacity plan that invite realistic input from the entire organization and help everyone take ownership in the plan. Find out More...

Kelly Witherspoon- Manager, Training


Wednesday, October 10, 2012 2:00pm EST 11:00am PST

Capacity Planning for Backoffice ... How to make the most of limited data.

In this session you will learn how to use what data you have to create a usable capacity plan for your backoffice work to ensure your organization:

  • Staff accurately
  • Hit service-levels goals every time
  • Forecast inventory through-put
  • Predict bottlenecks or inventory shortage BEFORE they happen

It’s critical for organizations to incorporate the same level of rigor to back office planning that they currently perform with other contact center channels to achieve a truly efficient operation while maintaining service-level. Find out More...

Belinda Herrera, Sr Analyst, Implementation