Breaking Down the Application and Network Infrastructure Silos

Thursday October 4, 2012 11:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM PST

The course of the last decade has seen the introduction of a completely disruptive technology to computing, that of virtualization. Virtualization has brought enormous flexibility to computing including the ability to dynamically optimize resource utilization based upon current workloads. Unfortunately, this new found flexibility for computing has not been matched by an equivalent capability for the data center network. The traditional network has generally has very little awareness of the applications that are generating traffic over it and conversely, the new virtual application control systems are unaware of the conditions prevailing within the network. Thus the network and the applications are operating effectively in silos and with that, any attempt by the network or the application controllers, i.e. the hypervisor, to improve resource utilization in most cases can only achieve a suboptimal result. Alcatel-Lucent has joined forces with VMware to provide an application fluent data center network that is completely pre-integrated with VMware’s hypervisor vCenter to support virtual machine mobility, taking a significant step in breaking down the Application – network silos.

What will attendees learn?

  • The requirements for automation in Data Center Networks to meet the needs of virtualized workloads.
  • Specific challenges faced in design and deployment of data center networks due to server virtualization, and virtualized applications such as desktop virtualization
  • Best practices to reduce the total cost of ownership with a data center network tuned for the delivery of virtualized workloads
  • New VMware pre-integrated data center network solution from Alcatel-Lucent providing the automation required for today’s virtualized workloads.
Who should attend?
  • IT Managers responsible for setting strategy for the Data Center Networks
  • Applications managers looking to deliver high quality time application delivery on a network that is tuned for their application virtualization platforms
  • CIO’s looking to understand risk, benefits and a practical approach to transforming the data center network for new real-time applications such as virtual desktop

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Andre Kindness,
Senior Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

David Fortini
Director, Strategic Alliances
Enterprise Network Group

Sanjay Aiyagari
Partner Architect for Telco Alliances


Peter Bernstein,
Senior Editor, TMCnet