Today, consumers are getting wiser and pickier about how, where and when they want to receive information. If you're like most companies, you are going to the Cloud to find innovative ways to reach your target audience and using various SEO, branding, or social initiatives to do so. But how do you bring it all together in a streamlined, cost-effective way? How do you Connect in the Cloud?

Register for this Special Webinar series to learn:

  • The latest statistics and data on the most effective and popular Online Marketing and Online Community practices
  • Success stories, tips, what to avoid and lessons learned on how to build and sustain successful Online Communities
  • How to use your Online Community to make your company money

Each part in this Webinar series will cover one of the TOP subjects our research shows matters most to companies planning to, or already sponsoring, an Online Community .
Past Webinars can be viewed for free On-Demand here.

Read the complete Webinar Kit for:

  • A complete overview and schedule of the Webinar series and schedule
  • Comprehensive abstracts with research and facts to help you choose the sessions that cover your company’s objectives
  • Details on sponsorship and presenter opportunities, and how to submit topic suggestions and questions
  • Additional educational articles, case studies and Podcasts to help you learn more about how to build an Online Community for your business

About Online Communities:

Online Communities help companies Connect in the Cloud, and are rapidly becoming the most effective way to integrate multiple online marketing initiatives to reduce spend, reach your target audience and boost sales. Building an Online Community can be challenging, though, and statistics show that many will fail if not built and maintained adequately. TMCnet has gathered the latest research, best practices and trends from our experience building over 200 Online Communities for over 10 years into this 5-part Webinar Series to help your company build a successful Online Community that meets, and exceeds, your marketing goals. For more information visit us online or Contact Anna Ritchie

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