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The World’s Only Conference on Communications Development!

Dear Colleague,

Who Will Build Tomorrow�s Communications Applications?

As communications evolves, one thing is for certain� The need for applications has never been greater. Microsoft has been a huge proponent of building tomorrow�s unified communications applications for the enterprise while service providers are opening their networks through the likes of IMS to give application partners access to a vast audience of telecom consumers.

Some areas of communications growth have tremendous potential. For example, in the mobile space alone there is serious talk of video, music and community sites each being multibillion dollar markets. The ringtone market has been producing billions in revenue for years now, and this single application proves that consumers are willing to spend money on new and interesting forms of entertainment.

This, too, is the year Apple will release its already famous iPhone. How will the communications market adapt and what new applications may be developed to work with the iPhone? What new devices will be developed to compete with it head-on?

But consumers are only part of the equation. Businesses too will spend on new applications whether those applications converge fixed and mobile phones, or tie PBXs into vertical systems such as accounting or business automation.

We are in a world where software must work with other software; a world of mashups and Web 2.0 applications.

Communications is rapidly becoming software and, as such, communications will continue to weave itself into other applications and services. 

I invite you to come spend invaluable time networking with your development peers so you can learn where your industry is headed. As you learn and share ideas, you�ll have the opportunity to meet and forge relationships with OEMs in desperate need of your ideas.

There is simply no other event focused on communications for the development community. This one event is where the industry comes together to learn how to build tomorrow�s billion dollar applications � whether they are software-based or consumer devices.

This 4th Annual Communications Developer Conference is the only chance you�ll have this year to learn and network in an environment focused on new application development.

Why should you attend the Communications Developer Conference?

  • To Learn how to leverage today�s development tools.

  • To Discover what you need to know about today's hottest technologies: SIP, IMS, Open Source, WiFi telephony, DSP development, Presence, Peer-to-Peer, Linux telephony, consumer VoIP devices, and more.

  • To See hands-on demos and compare products from industry leaders like Avaya, Aculab, AudioCodes, and more!

  • To Form Valuable Partnerships with OEMs, service providers, and other developers.

  • To Become One of the First to develop new applications using IMS.

  • To Acquire Tools for Development in the Entire Spectrum of Communications Products: Video over IP, SIP, cable telephony, open source, IMS, wireless/WiFi telephony, software development, and hardware/device development.

Hosted by TMC, Communications Industry Pioneers Since 1982

At TMC, we have been covering communications markets since 1982 through our INTERNET TELEPHONY, Communications Solutionsand Customer Interaction Solutions magazines. This event�s sister conference is INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO, which we�ve been hosting since 1999, and which has grown into the largest IP communications event in the world.

Back in 2003, developers and vendors told us that a focused developer�s conference is a clear necessity for the IP communications market. It is our pleasure to provide for the fourth year in a row this opportunity for the development community to gather, learn, and network.

I look forward to personally greeting you at the event.

Best Regards,
Rich Tehrani,
TMC President and Conference Chairman

P.S. There are special �early-bird� savings available on your conference plan.
You must register before April 13th to take advantage.


What is the Communications Developer


TMC�s Communications Developer Conference is the ONLY EVENT 100% focused on educating the pioneers who are building the next generation of IP-based communications products and services.

VoIP is clearly the world�s most important communications technology right now. IP-based voice, video and data applications are revolutionizing the way businesses, consumers, and government agencies communicate on a daily basis. And the best part is, we are only at the beginning. The opportunities in IP telephony and Unified Communications continue to multiply as VoIP applications permeate service provider networks, offices, mobile devices, and homes at an astounding rate.

Come Find the Building Blocks - and Cultivate the Relationships - You Need to Change the Way the World Communicates.

Communications has never been so open, so flexible, and so customizable. SIP and open source have emerged as leading protocols and platforms for application development.

Developers in the communications space need to attend the Communications Developer Conference to keep up with the evolving standards and protocols, and to understand how to use today�s tools to build truly unique, highly sought-after VoIP applications.

Communications Developer Conference is the only place where developers can see live demos of actual development tools of which they need to be aware. This event is the perfect forum to meet and network with like-minded developers and manufacturers building the future of telecommunications.


Why Attend the Communications
Developer Conference?


To Learn Firsthand How to Take Today�s IP Telephony Development Tools and Turn Them Into Feature-Rich, In-Demand Communications Applications.

  • Understand how to best leverage the available development tools on the market.

  • Learn what you need to know about today's hottest technologies: SIP, IMS, Open Source, WiFi telephony, DSP development, Presence, Peer-to-Peer, Linux telephony, etc.

  • See hands-on product demos from industry leaders* like Avaya, Aculab, AudioCodes, Texas Instruments, Sangoma, and more!

  • Take advantage of unmatched networking opportunities with peers, OEMs, and service providers in the development community.


What’s In It For You?
Invaluable Time Spent Learning, Networking,
& Forging Relationships with Industry Leaders


1. Commercial-Free Conference Sessions Keep You Ahead of a Fast-Moving Market
At all TMC events, presenters in sessions are strictly forbidden from delivering company pitches or �industry perspectives�. Any who do, are not invited back to future events. This ensures you get an unbiased education about emerging trends and markets, like IMS, SIP, open source, SOA, Unified Communications, new consumer electronics applications and devices, and other technologies creating huge opportunities.

2. Most Knowledgeable Speakers
Each session topic and presenter is hand-selected by Greg Galitzine, TMC�s group editorial director of IP communications since 1998, and Rich Tehrani, president and editor-in-chief for TMC. Only the most relevant sessions presented by speakers they know deliver critical, technical information in an understandable manner make it on to the program at Communications Developer Conference.

3. Top-Level Keynotes
Each keynoter has extensive experience � and brings a unique perspective to the development community. Learn from each of them why the opportunities today may be bigger than any in the history of communications.

4. More Than 50 Exhibiting Companies
Between sessions, you can meet with vendors and partners you need to build successful applications. The program is designed to give you ample time to stop by each booth to discuss how each exhibitor�s offerings can help you.

5. Invaluable Time With Other Developers
Since this is the only conference in 2007 focused solely on communications development, it is your only opportunity to meet and talk with other developers to share ideas, exchange business cards, and discuss the virtues of one solution over another.

6. Product Showcases
In addition to the non-commercial conference sessions, you can attend �Product Showcases� where vendors are permitted to convey the specific benefits of their development tools. Each 20-minute demonstration explains why a specific product is your best choice when designing a specific application.

7. Your Conference Fee is Guaranteed
If you do not feel the sessions you attend made you better prepared to tackle your development project than you were when you arrived, stop by the registration counter at the show and we'll issue you a free pass for any future TMC conference.
(No requests will be honored after the conference ends.)

8. Perfect Venue to Compare Lucrative Developer Programs
Serious developers must come to this show to see what sorts of developer programs exhibitors are pushing and what incentives there are to develop on various platforms. This is the perfect place to evaluate the tremendous opportunities available today.

9. Win the Race to Develop the Next Great Consumer Application
WiFi telephony and dual-mode phones are becoming ubiquitous. Come gather the tools you need to be the first to develop applications that enterprise customers and consumers will spend good money for.

10. Convenient, Easily Accessible Location
The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara is conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a few miles from San Jose International Airport.

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