Selecting a SIP Trunking Provider

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Selecting a SIP Trunking Provider

By TMCnet Special Guest
Mike Gruszka, director of product management at Broadvox
  |  December 26, 2013

When choosing a SIP trunking provider, consider them your other half. Your provider will become an expansion of you and your business, and ultimately, what your brand represents. This is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that the provider you choose to partner with is devoted to meeting your business needs.

Business communications are considered mission critical, which is why it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of your needs as well as conduct an assessment of the competition. Ensuring that your provider will properly represent you and what you care about goes beyond validating they are technically capable of supporting your preferred equipment and that their products and services will meet the needs of your customers.

An important thing to consider is the provider’s leadership in the marketplace. Startups are great under certain circumstances, but in most cases, a veteran in the industry is what you’ll want to look for. You want a provider you can truly rely on – one that you know will be around and one that has a proven track record of successful deployments through agent and OEM partnerships.

Additionally, you should check the reputation of the company to see how they resolve customer support issues. The Internet is full of forums with posts from happy and unhappy customers. Service issues will happen on occasion, but as many of our IT professionals say, what’s important is the attention a company gives to resolving a service or technical issue. A provider’s reputation is an important indicator into their ability to provide reliable service and quality customer support.

You also want a business that is 100 percent dedicated to you – one that is genuinely interested in nurturing its partner relationships. What level of support does the company provide? Do you feel like you are part of a team that respects you and cares about your happiness? At the end of the day, that’s the best thing you could possibly say about any successful partnership.

Broadvox (News - Alert) offers a more detailed list of key considerations for selecting a SIP trunking provider in its SIP Trunking Buyer’s Guide, which is available at the company’s website.

Mike Gruszka is director of product management at Broadvox (

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