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Peer to Peer VoIP


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We have all heard of Skype, the program that allows free internet calls to be made between computers or peers. The concept of peer to peer (p2p) networks does not only hold great reward for the consumer. Enterprise customers and service providers are now taking advantage of p2p based phones, applications and equipment that allow for more flexible and economical solutions than ever before. For example, imagine being able to sell a pair of phones with full PBX functionality (voicemail, etc) to an SMB customer out of the gate at a reasonable price. As the SMB grows to a Fortune class company, you just sell more phones. All the features are built into the phones and best of all, if you have a problem with part of the network, the rest of the phones and the system continue to operate. We are at the beginning of the p2p phenomenon and service providers, developers, resellers and enterprises need to learn how the latest p2p technology will radically change how they do business.

San Diego, CA October 10-13, 2006

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