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Consumer VoIP Marketing Summit


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Survey after survey has shown that if you don’t price your VoIP service correctly you will be perceived as too expensive or too cheap. Fighting an image of being too cheap will be tough to overcome. As the public becomes more aware of 911 issues associated with VoIP they are not going to switch to the lowest cost carrier based on price alone. Would you rather have your ambulance be made by Yugo or Honda? You get the point? We have too and if there is one thing that VoIP providers are doing wrong it is pricing. This summit will be the defacto place where service providers will learn once and for all how to effectively price and market their services in the most competitive and cut throat VoIP landscape imaginable. There is tremendous opportunity for many providers but those that don’t know how to market their services will not make it.

San Diego, CA October 10-13, 2006

Consumer VoIP Marketing Summit News

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