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IP PBX Certification



About TMC University

TMC has been a leading publisher and conference company in the communications space for over 20 years and has a stellar reputation. The company is over 30 years old and has been under the same management the entire time. We have had educational, objective and in-depth conferences in telecom since 1986 and are responsible for education of hundreds of thousands of people a year in technology and especially communications.

The IP PBX and other certifications are our response to the demand created by the need for a common standard of education and achievement in the VoIP and related spaces.

The TMC brand is well known in the technology space and the quality of TMC University is second to none.

The course has been given live twice and over 100 students have participated in the certifications with approximately 80 students passing.

Congratulations to TMC University Spring 2005 Graduates!

Classroom Certification

Join us at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO Fort Lauderdale,
January 24-27, 2006 for our next IP PBX Certification session.

"As a Portfolio Manager for Converged Services at Allstream (formerly AT&T Canada), the IP PBX Certification course provided me insight into the buying criteria and technical considerations on the constituents that matter most to me, Enterprise Customers. Through the interaction over the course of the day, I participated in open discussions on a variety of topics such as ROI, planning, deployment, support, etc. which will prove invaluable as we deploy new services. The fact that the course was mostly vendor/carrier neutral, helped to encourage a more honest and objective environment.

As a result of the course, I not only came away with some new information and areas to investigate but also helped me to independently validate some of the thinking and direction we at Allstream were already formulating."

Fawad A. Shaikh
Sr. Portfolio Manager
Advanced Data and Internet Solutions Marketing

A TMC University Certification
will allow you to:

  • Receive an independent accreditation for completing
    the curriculum
  • Have independently certified evidence that you possess
    competencies in IP telephony
  • Immediately become the expert called upon to lead your
    company's IP telephony strategy
  • Enhance your chances for a promotion Land lucrative
    consulting/integrator opportunities

Course Description:

IP PBX 101

IP PBX 101 IP PBX 101 is a high-level introduction to all things IP PBX. This includes understanding the technology and features that define an IP PBX and how it is different from a traditional PBX. You will then get a more in depth look at the features, services and applications that are available on many commercially available IP PBX systems. Our instructors will then take you though the process of selecting an IP PBX where you will be taught the right questions to ask when evaluating systems and vendors.

In the second half of the class, you will get the basics of how to prepare a cost justification statement for an IP PBX. This will include accounting for hard, soft and many hidden costs that are associated with an IP PBX installation. We further give an overview on IP PBX technology and the issues that arise when migrating your enterprise from a traditional PBX solution to an IP PBX. The course wraps up with a case study reviewing an actual IP PBX installation from evaluation to installation.

Upon the completion of this course, you should know if an IP PBX is the right solution for your enterprise. You will also be ready to move forward with your initial evaluation of systems and vendors.

IP PBX First Degree Topics: Tuesday, January 24
12:00 pm Reaping the Benefits of the IP PBX
1:00 pm Cost Justifying the Upgrade
2:00 pm Selecting The Right IP PBX Solution
3:00 pm Effective Deployment and Migration Strategies of IP PBX
4:00 pm Living with your New IP PBX - A Case Study